valentines day

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it's valentines day soon so here's a bunch of valentines day stuff

i) valentines day dates
if you guys have this date in mind and know he or she is available, go and chase that person! at most you would be rejected but look, you might just regret not going after them a while later.

who knows, if you do, you two might be dating in near future!

ii) valentines day date ideas

un) picnic under the stars
I'm a cheesy shithead but it is undeniably a really cute idea which might spark some flames

deux) reenacting your first date
if you remember how your first date went, this is a really cute option.

trois) go to a planetarium
impress your date with your knowledge of constellations

quatre) an arcade
if you have quite a bit to spend, why not go to an arcade and have fun there?

cinq) make dinner for your date
what is more thoughtful than a homemade dinner? and if you really suck that much, order a pizza just in case your food turns out to be inedible.

iii) ideas for gifts
- chocolate
- open when cards
- cookies
- plush(?)
- charm bracelets
- couple things there are couple bracelets and mugs and a lot of cool shit just look around
- photo frame with pic of you two
- something based on their interests like if the person likes music perhaps an ipod or a mixtape or if they like photography then perhaps a waterproof camera or pictures of you two
- itunes gift cards
- heart pizza omfg
- jewelry idk depends on the person some girls dont like jewelry

if you have no date in mind, be your own date! there is no reason to feel bad for not having one, and don't let anyone tell you so.

peacd out girl scouts,

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