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Gempa comes in with Ochobot and much to his surprised to see Boboiboy hugging Taufan. Gempa look at Halilintar, Solar and Ice who just shake their heads because they don't know what happen

"Boboiboy? what happen?" asked Taufan to his owner in soft voice
"Ah sorry... just got a nightmare" said Boboiboy while letting Taufan go
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah don't worry, I'm sure everything will be alright"

Halilintar seems didn't take his owner's words well but he didn't push until Boboiboy calm down a little. Taufan seems surprised but he just nods and help Boboiboy stand up from his bed




Time Skip~

For the past few days, Boboiboy act weirdly with his elementals as if he didn't want to go far from them. Gempa and Halilintar already ask him but he said that it's just a nightmare. Some elementals are fine with it since it's their motive being out of the watch but one elemental have been looking closely to Boboiboy and read his acts

Eight of them are now eating together in front of the TV. Boboiboy and Gempa are seating at the sofa while the rest of them at the floor, Blaze sometimes prank Ice and Thorn by taking some of their food and there's Gempa who always stop him from his pranks. Boboiboy can't help to giggle seeing them, but one elemental seems didn't take the funny acts and just seriously looking at his owner

Which is Halilintar

After eating, Solar are washing the dishes while Blaze, Thorn, Taufan and Ice helping Tok Aba and Ochobot at the Kokotiam. Halilintar, Gempa and Boboiboy stay in the living room which give a chance for him to talk about what happen on that day again

"Boboiboy... do you want to talk about you know...." asked Halilintar serious
"There's nothing to worry Halilintar, it's fine" said Boboiboy with a small smile

Halilintar just look at his owner serious seems he didn't take Boboiboy's answer at all. Boboiboy surprised seeing how Halilintar look at him but then he remembers that he's talking to one of the elementals who knows him more than the other elementals. Gempa also become serious which make Boboiboy sigh as if giving up to hide it

"Well... it just feel so real that's all" said Boboiboy in small smile
"Can you tell us at least?" asked Gempa worried
"So it started..."

Boboiboy tell them everything inside the nightmare from both him and Gempa are held by Ejo Jo and how Taufan sacrifice himself for all elementals and Boboiboy. Both Gempa and Halilintar who heard it became scared, that situation is indeed too scary

"Okay that's just... awful" said Gempa while clenching his fists
"You have no idea... I almost cry when I hug Taufan that morning, that dream really scared out of me"
"But Boboiboy, you don't think it's a sign right? Remember what happen when we rescue LoopBot?"
"Ah I remember, but that time LoopBot use his power to do it... LoopBot now is with TAPOPS so that just a mere nightmare"
"Yeah... I hope so"

Boboiboy just smile and then look at the kitchen

"You can come out now, I know you are listening" said Boboiboy to the kitchen

Gempa just smile of what Boboiboy say since he also notices one elemental who overheard their conversation. Which to be Solar

"Yeah yeah, coming out" said Solar while coming out from behind the pillar
"So what do you think Solar?" asked Gempa to the smart elemental
"Well I can't really say what Halilintar said that dream is a sign is true or not but if it really scared Boboiboy that much. Then it's really more than just dream... like someone manipulate your dreams" said Solar thinking
"Manipulate huh... but that's impossible right. I mean first of all, why have to be that kind of dream?" asked Boboiboy
"That's why I'm also unsure... but then again, it could be just a coincidence right? It's not like you get the same dream over and over for the past few days"

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