Nothing personal.

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" Well its all for nothing I guess. " Tae shrugged. " maybe we should call it a night, go back to the hotel." He suggested, after hours of waiting for any sign that eva and ji had made up.

" ca-can you tell us what is going on with eva." Top asked. " why are you fighting so hard to protect her, from ji of all people?"

" it's not ji, it's everyone. Has she told you nothing?"

" no. up until you said something, we didn't even know she had a brother." Dae stated.

" oh-" he sighed deeply placing his hand on his forehead. " eva- well- she has an unfortunate past. It's not my place to go into detail and I'm fighting because I've failed before, I won't fail her again."

" you'd think she would talk to us about these sort of things." Dae pouted shifting in his seat.

" it's nothing personal. I had to really push. There are many things I had to figure out on my own." Rain through some cash on the table. " but I agree, lets head out. I don't think-"


Rain took a quick glance at his screen before seeing an unexpected face.

" hello, what can I do for-"

" I'm not sure what your trying to do and frankly, I don't care. I understand why you don't think I'm good enough because most of the time, I'd agree with you. But I love her and I'm going to fight to make this work. Got it?" Ji hung up. Soon all he could hear on the other end was a dial tone.

" i guess he's won this round." Rain smiled. " well boys, i think it's time i head back to Seoul. See ya later!" He stood up and hurried out the door. As he exited the warm building, he was met with the crisp air that hit him like a ton of bricks.

' i liked that kid too. ' Rain frowned a bit, hoping he wouldn't have to put ji through to much. ' even so the moment he makes one wrong move. I'm going to destroy everything he is. I'll make him regret the day he ever crossed me.'

" what was that just then?" Eva asked as she walked out of the bathroom. This time not wearing her ussual sleeping attire, she wore his red robe, the bottom helm near missed the floor by less then an inch. Her hair tired up into a high ponytail, which was wet, he could smell his shampoo from the door way.

" what was what?" He smirked moving the blankets so she could lay down next to him.

" who were you talking to just then?" She smiled from ear to ear, climbing into his bed. " was it work?" She only just walked out when she saw him hang up his phone.

" no, another pain in my ass." He said adjusting himself so that she was Laying on his upper arm.

" then why waste your time?"

" because, if i dont then all my pain would be for nothing." He answer lovingly wraped his arms around her.

" i don't want you to be in pain." She said her words muffled into his flesh as she melted into his warmth.

" you suffer for the things you love." He stated loosening his grip on her. He grabbed his remote switching the channels on the tv. " it's just how life goes."

" not our life." She corrected him sighing at his sudden uninterest.

" our life?" He smiled, switching his gaze to her. She responded by leaping on top of him. His eyes were stuck on her intense eyes.

" does 'our lives', sound better to you?" She asked leaning toward his face, her skin connected to his sliding slightly over his lips with hers.

" no." He quivered. " our life, tastes much better as it slips through your lips."

" i thought so." She confirmed sliding her hands up his chest. She placed her mouth roughly on his, craving the taste of his lips, desperately wanting to possess all of him.

She could feel his light moans die in her mouth as his parting lips began to consume every inch of hers vigorously.

Ji moved his pelvis along with her ginding. he felt his need escalating at a dramatic rate. If he went any further it would be uncontrollable, the last thing he wanted was to push her.
"Stop." He moan, she removed herself, sliding her lips over his neck and chest. " please, eva." She paused for a moment watching his face change.
" stop?" She asked inching away from him.
" not tonight." Ji stated with slight resistance, he sat up adjusting his hair, without even taking a second glance at her. He lifted himself off his bed and walked twards the bathroom.
" i need a shower." He whispered. ' i seriously need to cool down.' He said to himself shutting the door.
" what the fuck." She whispered. 'Is he seriously still upset?'

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