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*I love The Weeknd^this is actually where I got the inspo for the title of this book^*

Chapter Forty| Dario

"I don't want a repeat of last time, Ben!" I warn my son's Uncle.

Last time we left Ben to babysit, him and Logan had covered the whole house in glitter. It took me five days to get it out of my ten thousand pound rug. It was limited edition as well!

I'm taking my wife on another date as she's getting closer to her due date and I want her to be relaxed as possible. I don't need any unnecessary things stressing her out, I try to keep her away from any carnage as much as possible.

"Dario, you can trust me!" He laughs and I raise my eyebrows at him.

"Really? Because sometimes I think it's my son babysitting you and not the other way round." I tell him and Ben shrugs his shoulders.

"Take a chill pill, okay. Everything will be fine, you go and enjoy your date with your wonderful wife, who is now behind you." Ben points out and I turn around to see my heavily pregnant wife looking beautiful as always.

She has a cute white tea-dress on, with some gold sandals.

"You look beautiful, baby." Ben says from behind me and I throw him a glare. He holds his hands up in defence. "I will go and look after your son now." He wonders off, leaving Leona and I alone.

"You look beautiful, baby." I repeat Ben's words and she giggles, shaking her head.

"I know I do." She grins, spinning around and I chuckle. "Even if I do look like I have a watermelon stuffed under my dress." She smiles gently and I look down at her beautiful stomach which is carrying our baby girl.

I place my hand on her protruding belly and my eyes widen when I feel our little girl kick. "I know our little girl will be a handful." I sigh, especially if she gets Leona's sassiness.

"Shut up, she'll be a little Angel, just like her mother." Leona winks and I laugh.

"Okay, baby, okay." I nod and grab her hand, walking us out of our home and towards my car.

I help her get in and put her seatbelt on, making her roll her eyes.

"What?" I chuckle and she raises her eyebrows.

"I am very much capable of doing my own seatbelt, Mr Tahan." She playfully pouts and I take the moment to kiss her plump lips.

"Stop complaining, princess. I know you like it." I whisper and she stares at me.

"Only because I'm pregnant." She looks away and I chuckle, closing the passenger door.

I make my way over to the driver's side and we begin our drive to our favourite Italian restaurant.

"I can't believe in a months time our little girl will be born." Leona speaks up and my body fills with excitement. When we found out we were having a girl I was ecstatic to soon have a mini Leona running around.

"She'll be so perfect."

Logan is also excited about having a baby sister, he has already grown quite protective of her already. He's always making sure Leona is okay and seems so fascinated with her stomach.

We soon arrive at the restaurant and I help Leona out of the car before leading us through the entrance of the expensive restaurant.

The owner of the restaurant greets us and leads us to our usual table, handing us the menus before walking off.

"I already know what I'm getting." Leona places the menu down and smiles at me, I grab hold of her hand and place a light kiss onto the back of it.

"I love you." I whisper and she tilts her head, smiling at me. Her eyes then begin to water and I worry that I've upset her "What's wrong?"

She waves her hands in front of her face as if to stop the tears from falling. "Nothing, hormones, Rio, hormones. I'm just so emotional and I love you so much, it just all seems unreal at the moment." She sniffles, grabbing a napkin and dabbing the tears on her cheeks.

I chuckle lightly.

"It's okay, princess." I nod and she takes a minute to compose herself.

"You've given me so much love and a beautiful family, Rio. I couldn't be any happier than I am now, we are so lucky and privileged." She continues and I just listen, admiring her beauty.

"You know I'm grateful to have you in my life baby, I mean I had no-one before you, I was alone in this cold world and then you came along. You're the reason I have a good relationship with my parents now, you're the reason why we have beautiful children, you are amazing, baby." I whisper and I watch as she starts to sob.

"Stupid hormones." She cries and I begin to comfort her. "I'm really hungry." I then start to laugh as she automatically stops crying and I hear her stomach rumble.

We quickly order our food and as soon as it arrives, my baby doesn't hesitate to tuck into her spaghetti.

"You've really got to stop staring at me while I'm eating, Rio." She swallows and I shrug my shoulder.

"I like that my girl has an appetite." I simply say and she raises her eyebrows.

"Well your girl doesn't like you staring, so stop." I smirk.

She smiles and then I smile and we both find ourselves laughing at each other. 

I am so, so in love with this woman.

And my love for her is never going to stop.


The End

Aww, so sad it's over :( The epilogue will be up later today as well as the prologue for my new book ❤️

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