Taste of Freedom

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It's been years since I tasted it,

The salty silvery taste that tickles my tongue,

That whets my appetite and has me wanting more,

That fills my chest with excitement,

That leaves me eager and yearning.

The taste of freedom.

The darkness has crowded my frail mind,

It chokes my thoughts and starves me,

Any hope or freedom that might have been there,

Any touch from light or joy,

It's all gone.

Every hint of it, is gone and now I gasp for something better.

My heart is heavy with fear,

And I am hungry,

Hungry for a weightless existence,

Hungry for the lift of this cloud that ravages my mind,

The poisonous smoke that gags me,

It is the residue of hatred, the evil of humanity.

I am hungry.

I've been in this dark for years,

My feet are bound and I cannot walk,

My hands are bound and I cannot eat,

My heart is bound and I cannot feel,

My mind is shrouded and I cannot see,

The chains that hold me down are made of false love,

False hope.

This has gone on for too long,

I have been tortured by my own guilt ridden soul for too long,

I have not felt light for too long,

I have heard nothing but my own frail heart for too long,

I must escape.

I must be free.

I thirst for air,

Not this dirt filled gas,

Fresh air filled with the taste of flowers,

The taste of freedom.

My crimes have been paid in full,

My crimes have been twice returned,

The punishment that I have received is enough,

I feel as if I am to break before they will be satisfied.

But what will break first?

Will it be my heart?

Will it be my will?

Will it be my mind?

I feel as if all of me is to shatter at once,

But it would be worth it,

For a chance to taste again.

To taste a sweet wine,

To taste bread, or cheese,

To taste the soft skin of a woman,

To feel the touch of my child,

Or have the scent of a fresh wind caress my face,

To see the sun or the moon.

To be free once again.

Give me that and I shall go into the abyss gladly.

A free man.

(inspired by Poems From The Russian Underground.)

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