[2p S. Italy x reader] your perfect

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[2P S. Italy x reader] your perfect

I sigh. I tried to text y/n, if she's busy but she isn't texting me back. I then heard knocking. 

''si accomodi [come in],'' I called and saw my fratello [brother], Luciano there crossed his arms and glared at me. 

''What,'' I asked. Luciano sigh and pointed at something. I got up and went out of my bedroom to see what he's pointing at.

I then saw c/h hair girl soaking wet. I gasp. ''Y/n bella [beautiful] you didn't tell me your coming over,'' I said and smiled and walking towards her.

I froze as I saw her crying. I ran to her and kneel down. ''Bella what's wrong,'' I asked worried.

Y/n hugged me. ''Oh Flavio...you were right, he did cheat on me,'' y/n cried. I sigh and knew that bastard was cheating on mia y/n.

I hugged back. ''Shh it's alright y/n, I'm here,'' I said. ''Why did he do this to me, I loved him but he cheated on me, am I not good enough,'' she asked still crying. 

I was shocked what she just said and hugged her tight and felt tears on my cheeks. ''No no no your perfect bella, he wasn't good enough for you,'' I cried.

Y/n looked at me and wipe my tears away. ''Flavio please don't cry,'' She said. I smiled at her gently. 

''I'll stop if you stop crying mia bella,'' I said. I knew she hadn't take Italian so she wouldn't understand what I'm saying. 

She nodded. Soon I got on the couch and grabbed a blanket and put it around us and pulled y/n close to me.

Y/n put her head on my shoulder. I smiled as I put my fingers on her beautiful c/h hair. ''Hey Flavio,'' she said.

''Si bella [yes],'' I said. ''C-can I stay over here just for tonight,'' Y/n said. I smiled and kissed her forehead.

''Of course,'' I said. Y/n then soon fell asleep. Luciano then came in the living room. I looked at him. 

''fratello si può prendere cura di Al per me assicurarsi che pagare per quello che ha fatto per la mia bella ragazza [brother can you take care of Al for me make sure he pay for what he did to my beautiful girl],'' I said.

Luciano smirk and nodded. He then called out his friends, Lutz and Kuro and went out. I smiled and kissed y/n's forehead.

''I promise bella, I won't let Al hurt you ever again, te amo [i love you],'' I said and kissed her forehead. 

''I love you too Flavio,'' I heard her said. My eyes widen as I saw her c/e eyes looking at me.

''B-Bella how did you,'' I begin. ''Know, I been going on Italian class to surprise, I'm glad I know what te amo means,'' y/n said and smiled.

I then smash my lips on hers. She kissed back. I pulled her close to me. 

Y/n put her arms around my neck. I licked her bottom lips for enter. She opened her mouth making my tongue go in and explore. 

When we pulled away for air. ''Your perfect to me, mia bella ragazza [my, beautiful, ragazza],'' I whispered.

Y/n smiled. ''Thank you Flavio for everything and being my new boyfriend,'' she said. We soon fell asleep. 

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