Chapter 1

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Aleah's POV.

I was in my hotel room with my beauty team. Tonight were the American Music awards and I was nominated for Best female artist and best music video so I needed to look good.

"Hurry up Neveah, we still need to get her into the dress" Amber, my stylist says while tapping her foot impatiently.

"Don't rush me, I am going as fast as I can" Neveah grumbles while swiping the mascara brush over my lashes.

Amber rolls her eyes and starts pacing around the room.

"Calm down Amber, we still have an hour till the red carpet" Taylor, my hair stylist says without looking away from her phone. She had already finished doing my hair so she was just waiting until she could see the end result.

"I will not calm down, its already 5:34pm and Aleah still isn't ready" Amber snaps.

I sigh "We won't be late Am, Neveah is almost done with my make up" I say while scrolling through Twitter.

If there was one thing I always did was go on twitter, I loved interacting with my fans so I was always tweeting and I followed as many fans as I could.

I tweeted: Getting ready for the AMAs, so excited! Performing new single 😁 ilysm guys, thank u xx

As soon as I tapped the tweet button my notifications blew up, thousands of retweets and  favorites. I scrolled through the first comments and smiled, there were a lot of of positive comments and people telling me they loved me but they were tweets that made me grimace, telling me I have no talent and that I was a waste of space. Don't get me started on the vulgar ones from guys who say that they would like to have their way with me in a very detailed and disturbing way. Sighing I lock my phone and look at Neveah.

"Why are you looking at me Aleah, its creepy" Neveah says with putting lipstick on me.

I shrug "I am bored and you have a funny face"

She rolls her eyes at me "You are so lame, Do your fans know how lame you are?" Nev says while nudging me playfully so I know she isn't serious.

"Excuse you Nev, I am the most awesome this room" I say and Taylor bursts out laughing.

You may think that they are unprofessional but after touring with them for 2 years we are really comfortable around each other.

"I am done" Neveah says while looking at my face proudly. 

"Finally! Now hurry up Aleah! We need to get you in that dress!" Amber says while running grabbing my hand and dragging me to the other side of the suite.

I stumble after her.

She quickly gets me into my dress and heals and starts looking for accessories. 

When I am finally done, I look at myself in the full body mirror and smile.

My brown hair is in a bun with some curls hanging loose, for my make up Neveah used a little bit of grey and black eye shadow, blush and a matte red lipstick.

I wore a cream colored Terani couture Crystal Bodice dress with a pair of cream heels and diamond necklace and earrings.

When I was finally done I sprayed some perfume on me and popped a mint inside my mouth. I grabbed my black clutch and slipped my phone, some hair pins, lipstick and a sharpie inside of it.

"How do I look?" I ask them with a nervous smile.

"You look amazing Aleah" Taylor says while Amber and Neveah nod in agreement.

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