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               ⚠️ Important ⚠️

So I have benchmark testing all this week and I probably won't actually start this up until probably on the 15 if not sooner but the first chapter of this probably won't come out until spring break

How I upload: my upload schedule is pretty hectic so yeah anyways I will be working on the first chapter when I have time before and after school because it's currently 2:30 am on a school day and I'm not an online kid so I don't have alot of time. AFTER we are done testing (I will let you know) I will start to update probably every other week.


I deeply apologize and am very upset that we have testing but after I HOPE I will finally have time to start this. I have been waiting to do this for a while so bare with me so that I can finish my tests and FINALLY start to update and upload chapters and whenever that may come idk but I will be super excited 😁

That's it just wanted to say why I haven't started yet sorry again 😅

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