(Important questions )

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I'm currently writing the next chapter of the story, but I wanted to do this before the trost arc. So heres an important question that I need EVERYONE to answer. Which dragon do you want to be. You each can only pick one okay? And which ever had the most votes by the time I release the next chapter, wins.

Dragon 1

Dragon 2

Dragon 3

Dragon 4

Dragon 5

Dragon 6

And please don't say "this one" unless you're commenting directly on the photo.

Next, color.

1. Volcanic Black

2. Snow White

3. Metalic silver

4. Fire red

5. Deep ocean blue

6. Dark purple

Lastly, should Y/n be able to talk in his titan form?


I hope you all reply to these, and let me know your thoughts. If you guys have some questions for me, I'll try my best to answer them. Alright, till next time!

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