Chapter 20: HUH

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"Caw caw! A letter from Oyakata-sama, caw!"

You, Muichiro and Rui stopped in the middle of the road at the sudden announcement, your arm spreading high towards the crow.

He perched onto your wrist and dropped a scroll into your palm. "Caw! Instructions are on it, caw!" The scroll looked rather fragile and the ribbon around it was loose and decorated with wisteria.

"Alright, alright, I get it." You chuckled, opening the scroll delicately, careful not to rip it. The paper crumbled a bit so you had to read quickly but carefully.

"My dear children, ever since your brave journey on helping us gather information, the crows have sensed ominous auras surrounding the area, we fear they are trying to hunt you down. That is why I want you to read these instructions quickly."

You nodded your head and looked at Muichiro who had the same determined look. As expected, the scroll crumbled into pieces, making it unreadable and inaccessible to demons with the reassurance of the wisteria.

"Rui, can you make yourself smaller?" You ask, turning to him. He looked down in thought and lunged at your arm. You felt something on your arm and saw a small white spider with cyan markings on it.

"That's amazing Rui!" Your compliment seemed to make him blush as he retreated into your uniform collar. "Make sure to not get blown off okay?"


Muichiro looked around, entranced by the several trees of wisteria towering over them. "Ne, Y/N... I've never seen this path before... will it really direct us to headquarters? Wouldn't the demons notice a flashy looking road like this?" You tapped your chin in thought, thinking about Muichiro's question.

"Well the road is covered with wisteria so we know that most demons will avoid it. Rui can't smell it since the uniform is blocking it so for now, it'll only be an annoying disturbance."

Birds chirped and the wisteria tress swayed with the breeze. You smile slightly at the beautiful scenery and you turn your head to Mui. "Plus, these were the roads the old Corps used when they didn't have breathing forms. They rarely use it now since many people have forgo-"


You felt a slight sting in your forehead as you stumble back. You rub your sore forehead and open one eye to see a familiar white haired man. You immediately perked up and the air around you seemed to lighten. "Nemi-Nemi!!"


"I haven't seen you since you-"

He flicked your forehead again. God that hurt like the dickens. A light tint seemed to make it's way to Sanemi's face. He just rolled his eyes and stared at you and Muichiro, unamused.

"Oi, pipsqueak, kid, stop lounging around. You two were taking your sweet time that I had to come and get your slow fucking snail asses. Follow me." He told you gruffly but you didn't mind it.

The journey wasn't long but it proved to be an entertaining one. You tried catching up with Sanemi but he only replied with short, curt responses. His interactions with Muichiro's bluntness was rather amusing though. The more you walked, the more the trees seemed to thin out. There were less wisteria trees so you had to be on guard.

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