"Would You Like To Join My Crew"

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"Hi" Kurama Speaking/ POV
"Hi" Naruto talking to Kurama through his mind/ Someone thinking
"Hi" Regular talking/ Time skip
No one Pov

Luffy laughed.

"Yeah we are pirates" Luffy replied to Naruto.

"Hey Naruto do you want a tour of the ship?" Luffy asked.

"Sure." Naruto replied

"Ok then let's go." Luffy said.

Luffy then started to give Naruto of the Going Merry.

------Time skip brought by Naruto--------
"And that's that's the Going Merry." Luffy said.

"Hey Luffy can I ask you a question?" Naruto asked.

"Sure what is it?" Luffy said.

"Why are you a pirate?" Naruto asked.

"I made a promise to someone once accomplish my dream and my dream is to become pirate king." Luffy replied.

"Cool." Naruto said.

"It's dinner time now, LETS GO GET SOME MEAT!!!" Luffy said as he ran to the kitchen.

Naruto then walked to the kitchen to see Luffy sitting down and eating like he hasn't had food in days and stealing Usoop's food. Everyone else was eating a lot but not as much as starving and much as Luffy.

"Sit down Naruto and eat there's plenty of food." Nami said as she saw Luffy stealing lots of the food and hit Luffy on the head and started scolding Luffy.

"Nami San~ your so beautiful when your scolding~." Sanji cooed to Nami as she hit Sanji on the head as well.

Naruto then sat down and when he took a bite of the food it was like a dish from the gods.

"IT'S SO GOOD!" Naruto yelled.

"Thank you I'm glad you like it." Sanji replied smiling

Everyone was eating and Luffy said "Naruto would you like to join my crew?"

Naruto then stopped eating and paused "Sure Dattebayo!" Naruto said while smiling.

Everyone laughed and then Luffy yelled, "Cheers to Naruto for joining the crew!"


And that's a rap thank you everyone for reading hope you enjoyed and I will either post tomorrow or the day after that. Sorry for posting late 😔 I forgot throughout the day anyway thank you bye 👋.

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