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a series of drabbles following a loosely
assigned plot. in this we explore the
universe with jeongguk as our friendly
neighborhood spider-man; and his
adventures as a student, friend, hero,
and lover.

featuring park jimin and several
original characters.

this book was created as 3k
special! because when morgan
said 'i love u 3000', i took
that seriously.

this is alsoooooo
a special birthday project
for one of my closest friends
on this wack orange app

to april; happiest birthday love!
i hope you have a great day.
im not exactly the best with
expressing my thoughts and
words about how much i
appreciate you being there
for me during my highs and
lows, so i thought putting
together a book more like this
would help express my
gratitude. since most of my
drafts are filled with angst (lol) i
decided to upload one of my
more optimistic ones, which i
think you'll really enjoy.

this is a set of drabbles, so
if at any point you guys want
to suggest a particular scene,
i am open to suggestions!
but please keep in mind that i
will be picking and choosing
based on what suits my style

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