Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

After eating break fast Khylie helped the two kids prepare for the party later. "Mommy when I grow up I want to be as pretty as you are" Shylie said while her mom is washing her hair with conditioner,

"Don't worry I'm sure when you grow you will be much prettier than I am or maybe you could be the prettiest girl in the whole world" Khylie said while tickling Shylie on the stomach.

"Mommy do you think when kuya Khyle grow up would he be as strong, kind and handsome like Daddy?" Shylie asked, "Of course he would be strong, kind and handsome like daddy" Khylie said with a chuckle.

After helping Shylie prepare for the party later, Khylie decided to fix herself too and she turned out to looked like a godess on her light pink dress.

After an hour of fixing Khylie went to the garden to see garden if everything was set for Khyle's party. When she arrived, everything was done, the party decors was placed nicely, the food was there and the 3 feet cake they ordered was neatly done. After seeing that everything was set for the party, Khylie and Bryle decided to accept guests.

After half an hour the guests started to arrive wearing wonderful costumes like super heroes, mermaids and monsters even the adult ones were also wearing a costume.

While waiting for the event to start the kids enjoyed watching the clowns perform and they were lining up on the cotton candy maker, popcorn maker and hotdog maker. Outside the garden were a large carousel and ferris wheel that Khylie and Bryle rented for the kids.

"Happy Birthday to your son Khylie and Bryle" greeted John, Sophia's long time partner

"Thank's John, and by the way Sophia is still in her room if you'd like to see her" Khylie said with a gentle smile on her face, "Thanks!" John said before leaving the two.

"Hon, where's Khyle and our baby Shy?" Bryle asked, "Oh, they're just playing near the carousel with they're friends and classmates so nothing to worry." Khylie answered with a smile on her face, "Okay if you say so" Bryle said and kiss his wife on the cheek.

"Hon, I'll just go and entertain the guests okay." Khylie said pointing on their guests, and as an answer Bryle nod gently and smiled.

After an hour of accepting the guests the party started with a small speech as a thank you for the guests who came for Khyle 7th birthday party, "Uhmm, ladies and gentlemen let us please all welcome the Anderson's family" The emcee said, and the guests clapped their hands, as the Anderson's went up to the mini stage they had on the middle of the garden.

"Uhmm, first of all I'd like o thank all of you for coming for my son's 7th birthday party. And to my friends and family who helped me arranged this party I'd also like to say a big thank you to them, and of course I want to greet my son a happy birthday. Happy Birthday to you my little Khyle my message to you is I wish you'll grow up to be a nice, smart and a child who has fear for God, that's all thank you" Khylie said, and Khyle Immiediately hugged her mom and said thank you.

"And to everyone let's enjoy this night as Khyle enters his 7th year on this world, so everyone you can get your plates on the buffet table and eat your meal!" said the emcee with a chuckle.

After the opening speech Khylie and Bryle started entertainning the guests they'll ask them 'if the food was fine? or'are they doing good?' or like 'if they were 'having great fun?'.

But other than that they were doing nothing, so when they make sure that the guests was fine they decided to go to their table which is located near the stage to eat and also have fun. When they arrived at their table Sophia, John and both Collins and Anderson's were there same as the two little kids Khyle and Shy.

"Mommy, Daddy, Papu, Mamu, Papito and Mamita thank you so much for this party I really really loved it!" Khyle said after his parents Parents arrived at the table, "It's nothing our little Khyle anything for our dear prince" Bryle said with a gentle smile, "Okay that's enough, Bryle can you please get us food now I'm kinda hugry with all that entertaining" Khylie said with a chuckle, so Bryle left and went to the buffet table.

After few minutes Bryle is back with a handful of food on his hands, "Hon why did you get so many food?" Khylie asked, "Because you said you were hungry, and you know I never wanted my queen or my prince and princess to be hungry so you should eat a lot" Bryle said which made Khylie blush a little bit, "But I can't finish that, I'll get fat!" Khylie complained to Bryle,

"Don't worry even if you are so fat, ugly or whatever woman complain about themselves, you will still look a queen in my eyes" Bryle said which made, Khylie's face even got more red.

"Ahemm... Ahemm that's enough of your cheesiness 'cause as you can see your kids are just beside you, same as your parents" Sophia said with a chuckle. The two felt a little embarassed because they sounded like they were teen agers so they just sat and eat.

While eating, Khylie felt a hard time breathing and her head hurts again, so she immiediately called Bryle to get her some water.

"Br... Bryle.... ca... can.. you... ple.... please... get me .... a glass.... of..... water" Khylie stuttered. All the persons in the table heard what Khylie said so they panicked, everyone stood up and went to her, Khyle and Shylie found a fan and started fanning it to Khylie, and Bryle hurriedly took a glass of water.

Suddenly Khylie's mother notice that Khylie was pale, so after Bryle gave Khylie a glass of water sherequested to take Khylie back to their room and let her rest.

The guests noticed that the Collins and Anderson's were having a commotion so some stand up to check if there's anything wrong, but in great timing a famous band that Bryle hired went to the stage and started singing, so the guests attention went over the band.

"Hey Khylie are you alright? Khylie can you breathe now? Do you need water? Hey please Khylie answer me now." Bryle said with his face full of frustration written on his face.

"Bryle just please get me some water" Khylie whispered, so Bryle immediately went down the kitchen to get water.

After Bryle left the room, Khylie started crying, she's scared, she doesn't know what's happening to her, she thinks that her illness was back. She cried and cried, until she fell asleep.

After few minutes Bryle was back holding a glass of water and some medicines that her wife needed. He felt sad when he noticed that Khylie cried when he was gone. He put the glass of water and the medicines on the coffee table they had in their room, and went to Khylie, he hugged Khylie and whispered, "I know you want to stay longer here, but I need to take you home".

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