The Performance

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A DJ wearing a giant cartoon panda head bounces around on a stage doing his trademark flurry of kicks, jumps, and punches to mimic Bruce Lee.

The two-story screen behind him explodes with his logo, a red pixel-art heart. It pulses on the display as thunderous cheers cause the venue to shake like an earthquake's epicenter is directly below.

The song opens with a soft, heartbeat-esque bass track. It drones along a few times. Thump, thump. Thump, thump. As it progresses, more and more musical layers subtly come in, increasing the sound in scale and volume.

The crowd of tens of thousands hits a hush for a moment as the song also pauses. The spot where the fans and DJ catch their breath. The night air is crisp. The stars are out. LF gazes out into the sky. It's a rare moment of bliss in the chaos of a live show.

A special new video stream plays, and the crowd goes wild.

LF and Pulse invented a new technology that converts everything being recorded into pixel-art instantly. As the DJ stands perfectly still, a gigantic, blocky, animated version does the same thing behind him on the screen, but this animated version of him is ten times bigger.

The bass pounds out with a pace that would induce headaches in most, and a fireworks display explodes above the venue, matching the frantic beat and turning the night sky the iconic red of the Pulse logo.

LF jumps around, pressing every button possible on the soundboard. The two-story Super Nintendo-inspired version behind him does the same thing. The crowd is seemingly stuck in a screaming trance as the music blasts from dozens of car-sized subwoofers. The venue convulses and strobes as the metal and concrete bend and vibrate to the flash of the lights.

This trance is as expected. The DJ LF's international mega-hit Limitless just has that special something about it. Every time the bass drops, the crowd is in the palm of LF's hand.

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