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Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

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Chapter 22

Maxon couldn't breathe.

The barrel of the gun laughed at him. Its silver casing gleamed under the lights in the dance hall. The other girls and guards where in the midst of being tied down to chairs. Most had guns pointed at them. Fear and panic dominated the room. All eyes were on Maxon, waiting for the trigger to be pulled.

Sweat covered his skin, Could this be the end? He asked himself. His eyes racked the room for escape routes or really any option other than death. Where was his mother? Was she alright? Did she know what was happening?

Maxon knew these were the southern rebels. They were merciless and wanted him and his father dead.

"Your head will look mighty fine hanging over my door," the man laughed, "Your Majesty," America let out a cry. Maxon was paralyzed in place. He was going to die.

Maxon put an arm on America to keep her behind him. If he had nothing else, at least he could shield her. Maybe she could get away.

He realized in that moment that he would never marry America. Maxon's mind ran through all the things that he would miss out on, all because of the rebels and the gun they had pointed at his head.

Maxon reached behind him and grabbed her hand. He looked back at her, into her eyes one last time. If He was going to die he might as well die looking at the one person he loved most.

America looked up at him. He tried to memorize everything about her. those beautiful blue eyes, her hair, the way her chin tilted up to look at him, And the fierceness in her bearing that made her look like she wanted to burn down the world but at the same time melt into a puddle of tears. He wished that he could kiss her one more time. But she needed his lips for his last moment.

"I love you," Maxon said.

The second the words left his lips the gun went off.




Author's Note:

Hello my lovely readers!

Thank you so much for being a part of this story and this experience with me. It means the world to me to see your comments and all of the excitement from you all.

In the following chapters I will have lots of Authors Notes where I hope to fill you in on things that have happened in my life and things happening in the crazy world of our fandoms and whatever else is going on!

I have lots of FUN things planned.

In the following chapters I will be choosing accounts to dedicate chapters to. I will choose people who are awesome commenters or have gone the extra mile to be fantastic readers.

I do have some questions for you because I value your opinion:

1) Do you like chapters better with Percy narrating or characters other than him narrating best?

2) This one isn't really a question but I want to keep it in this format because I like lists, ANYWAY, at the end of chapter 30 there will be a vote for which Doctor you want Percy to meet and which companion(s) he is with. So be thinking of who you want and I will count up all Y'alls votes then. Lol, I feel so country when I do that . . . weird. Okay.

Fun fact! This is the shortest chapter of the book so far, as you probably noticed. But don't worry, there are lots more where that came from!

Love you all!

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