30 ~ Lead Me Out Of The Dark

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some time in the future...


“Happy birthday!” I jumped and fell out of my bunk. Everyone crowded around, laughing and cheering.

“What the hELL-” My head popped up and I smirked. “STOP CELEBRATING I’M FUCKING OLD!”

“You’re a LEGEND!” Sammy cheered. He’s only Six, I laughed at his little lisp.

Jess gave him a high five and a kiss on the cheek. She’s the best mom ever, seriously- she’s meant for this shit. I stood and walked through the crowd of friends. So many people that cared for me.

There were the Crown The Empire guys, Of Mice, Tonight Alive, The Wonder Years, 5SOS, Hollywood Undead (completely clean and sober), Man Overboard, The Front Bottoms, of course All Time Low- how many people can we get on this bus? Oh, here come Fall Out Boy to join the party.

If you were wondering, Burn The King is over, has been for awhile. We all went off and started our own projects, and stayed friends.

Right now, I’m in a band called Legends. It’s Pop Punk, and has been together for almost ten years.

“Happy birthday…” I heard a familiar voice in my ear.

“Thank you, Lex.” I smiled and turned to him.

“You’re getting old.” he wrinkled his nose with a smile. “I might not wanna be married to you.”

“Who says I wanna be married to you, old man?” I laughed.

He just smiled and kissed me, then leaning his forehead against mine. “God, you’re almost fucking forty.”

“God, you are!” I squeezed his sides. “I gotta go get ready for a signing, there’s always lots of gifts on birthdays.” I winked and went to get ready.




@MaddiecLEGEND: thank you for all the birthday wishes! See you at the show tonight?”




“What- Jess- I really wanna go to the bus, can’t I relax on my birthday?” I sighed.

“No! you need to go to the stage, now! They started, fuck!” She starts pushing me towards the door.

“Mommy swore!” Sammy gasped.

Dean flicked his little brother in the head. “Be cool dude.”

“Oh. Ok. Fuck.” He smiled.

“Don’t say that! Stay with uncle Vinny!” Jess yelled as we ran to the stage.


All Time Low was up right now- playing Lost without you. Alex looked sidestage and smiled at me. I was here this time.


“Are you afraid of being alone?

Cause I am, I'm lost without you.

Are you afraid of leaving tonight?

Cause I am, I'm lost without you.

Are you afraid of being alone?

Cause I am, I'm lost without you.

Are you afraid of leaving tonight?

Cause I am, I'm lost without you.

I'm lost without you.

I'm lost without you.”


“I’d like to invite my beautiful wife on stage with us.” Alex smiled brightly. Tonight was the biggest arena we’ve played this tour, everyone screamed as I walked out and I smiled.

“This fucking girl has been in my life for years. I met her by chance. Really, I don’t think I was supposed to. But I did and I’m so glad. She’s made me so happy, we’ve gotten each other through the toughest fucking times. We had a rough patch, a few of them, but they are inevitable. The thing that stands out is that we made it through. I love her with everything I fucking have, and she fucking loves me- which took a little of convincing. But by the sixth year I think I understood. She’s like drugs, I’ve been without her, I fell apart. Withdrawal is a bitch when I'm away from her. I couldn’t stand thinking I’d never get to even hold her hand again. I made sure she can't leave me again, because now we're married, and today is our anniversary. I had a shitty proposal that didn't really mean a lot, so Maddie, will you marry me again?"

"Shut up of course I will." I laughed and pulled him to his feet, kissing him with a large smile. "I love you so much, Alex."

"I love you too." He smiled, hands on his hips, swaying me.

Right now, on stage as everyone cheered, I knew this was the happiest moment of my life. With Alex.


I'm lost, please help me find my place.

You're the only one, please lead me out of the dark.

Please lead me out of the dark.



He did.


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