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Chapter Thirty-Nine| Leona

"You're getting married!" Ben screams in my ear and I jump in shock.

"Ben, what the fuck?!" I whisper yell. "Are you trying to make me go deaf?"

"Of course not!" He scoffs and I playfully roll my eyes.

Dario and I will be getting married in an hour and I am absolutely shitting myself. I woke up this morning and the morning sickness was immense.

But at this point I don't even know if it's the baby or the nerves. I look at myself and admire the expensive fishtail wedding dress I have on. Dario wanted everything to be the best, hence why he paid two million for the dress. I said that he was crazy, spending so much money on a dress I will only wear once, a dress I won't even be wearing for the reception also.

Ben managed to get me a plain silk white dress, so I am more comfortable for the reception, there's no way I can stay in this heavy dress for the whole day. It's already weighing me down and now that I'm pregnant it wouldn't be wise to have it on for so long.

"This is so crazy." Ben says. "I remember that first meeting at your office like it was yesterday, aren't you so glad that I convinced you to date him? I mean you're getting married!" I giggle lightly. "Although some of it was a shit show-", you can say that again, "-but it all turned out well in the end."

My eyes widen in shock when he pulls out a notepad. The same notepad he used to use as a checklist for whatever happened between Dario and I. .

"Ben?" I say in a questioning tone. "Please tell me that is not what I think it is." He gives me a mischievous smile and I raise my eyebrows.

"Look, even though you weren't together for two years I still had hope so I kept it." He throws his arms up in the air and I stare at him in shock. "I've been shipping you from the beginning, I literally only have one more thing to tick off."

"And what is that?"

"Well you need to have three more babies." I continue to stare at my best friend in disbelief.

My best friend really is crazy but I love him. I laugh and shake my head.

"Three more babies?" He nods his head.

"Soon as Bella is out, you need to start over again." Bella? "I've named your child for you, so you don't have that stress, you know?"

"I just know you're going to love babysitting duties and how do you know that it's a girl? It could be another boy." I laugh and he nods his head, laughing with me.

"Trust me, Leona it's a girl. Now we should probably get going!" Ben squeals in excitement and I grin.

I'm getting married to the love of my life

I slowly open the door and my eyes widen at who is standing in front of me.

The mysterious man from last night is Dario Tahan.


A smirk etches onto his face and he raises his eyebrow. "You going to let me in, princess?" He tilts his head and I clench my jaw.

"My name is Leona not princess." I clarify, stepping to the side and letting him in. I don't forget to glare at Ben before shutting the doors.

I compose myself before turning around and make my way over to my desk, however, I freeze when I spot Dario sat in my seat.

No, no, no.

"Get out of my seat Mr Tahan." I raise my eyebrows at him and he leans back, crossing his leg over his knee.

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