15 - Help

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Luke (Age 10):

You were trying to understand math, you really were, it just wasn't working. You had asked a million questions but it just wasn't going through your head. You went home and decided to start your homework. You were sitting at your desk, looking over the homework in front of you.

Finally, you broke down. You threw everything onto the ground and flopped on your bed, crying hysterically. A split second passed and Luke was in your doorway, frantically asking, "What's wrong, Y/N? Are you okay?!" You shook your head and decided to let out your inner anger by punching your pillow.

Luke ran over to you and pulled you into his lap, trying to calm you down. You tried to hit him, and you succeeded, but it didn't phase him. You weren't powerful enough to actually hurt him. He let you hit it out and then you calmed down enough to tell him the story.

"Why didn't you just ask me for help?" "'Cause then you'll think I'm an idiot, Luke. I just don't know how to do it!" "Y/N, calm down. I would never in a million years think you are an idiot. I'm your older brother and I'm here to help you. Now let's try this homework, okay?" You nodded and Luke helped make your math crystal clear.

Michael (Age 4):

You had recently been trying to put all of your stuffed animals in height order along your wall. Your mom had gotten most of them down for you, but there were a few that you just couldn't reach. You tried to reach them yourself by stacking chairs and pillows and standing on it, but that only resulted in a bump on your head and you crying your eyes out.

You ran into the living room and climbed into Michael's lap. "Y/N, what happened, babe?" "F-Fell Mikey!" "Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie. Where does it hurt?" You pointed to the bump on your head and you could feel Michael touching it. "Okay, Y/N, we're gonna get you some ice. I need you to keep it on your head so the bump won't get really big. While you have it on your head, we can watch The Little Mermaid!" You nodded and he left you on the couch, returning with a bag of ice in a towel moments later.

He put it on your head and you whined, not liking the cold. "I'm sorry, sweets, but you have to keep it on your head for a little while longer." You laid back against him and tried to relax. The movie ended and you decided to ask Michael for help. "Mikey, can you help me?" "Whatcha need?" "My animals." He carried you into your room and got the animals down, even helping you finish organizing them.

Calum (Age 16):

So there was this boy...
He sat next to you in History and boy, was he a dream! He had brown hair that went up in a perfect quiff, chocolate brown eyes, and one of the cutest smiles on planet earth. His name was Shane. He was a senior who played on the lacrosse team and you knew that he had had his eyes on you for a while. He finally asked you to senior prom! But there was one problem, you didn't know how to dance.

"Cal?" "What's up, Y/N?" "I, uh, I need your help with something." He gave you a confused look so you continued, "Shane asked me to senior prom and I don't know how to slow dance." "Y/N, that's awesome! Okay, so you want to dance. Help me move the coffee table over by the couch." You nodded and helped him, soon having an empty living room and a slow song playing.

Calum lead you into the middle of the living room and helped you position yourself. Soon, he started counting as you moved from side to side. You danced and laughed for three songs and you learned how to slow dance.

The dance came around and after finding the perfect dress, you went out and had an amazing time with your new boyfriend, Shane.

Ashton (Age 8):

You had just recently broken your leg in a gymnastics accident, so you were basically bedridden. Your siblings had helped you a lot, gettign you whatever you needed and even carrying you to and from the different rooms of the house. You were beginning to get better so you decided that instead of calling for Ashton, you were gonna try to walk to the bathroom on your own.

You were very careful, slowly making your way to the bathroom only about 5 feet from you. You managed to make it and once you washed your hands, you had to make the journey back to bed. You took a few steps and then the worst thing happened, you fell on your bad leg.

You screamed in agony, trying to roll over to relieve some of the pain. Through eyes blurred with tears you saw Ashton running toward you. "Y/N! What happened?!" "A-Ash, h-help! Please!" You continued to cry as you felt Ashton picking you up and laying you back down on your bed. You cried for a while and the calmed down, the pain finally starting to subside.

"Can you tell me what happened, Y/N?" "I just wanted to walk by myself and I had to go to the bathroom. I made it there but on the way back I fell and landed on my leg." "Y/N, why didn't you call for me? I would have come to help you," he said, rubbing your cheek. "I wanted to do it alone. I just wanted to walk again, Ash. I'm so sorry," you said, sitting up to hug your older brother. "It's okay, Y/N, just please let me help you next time, yeah? I don't want you getting hurt." "I promise."


Hey! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Thanks for reading! ~ Morgan xx

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