Daemon and Kat - Baby Bonus Scene

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Gimmie now. Seriously. I cannot wait a moment longer without having Unleashed by Sophie Jordan in my hands…

Grinning at my screen, I trailed my finger over the mouse pad and hit publish on my latest Waiting on Wednesday blog post. I closed the laptop, and feeling entirely too lazy to get up, I forced my mind to clear. Concentrating, I summoned the Source. The laptop trembled, and then a second later, it lifted off my hand and sailed across the room, landing gently on my desk.

“I’m awesome,” I murmured.

“That you are.”

I gasped, sitting up as I looked at the doorway. My eyes narrowed, and I grabbed the pillow. “Would you stop doing that!”

A slow grin pulled at full lips. “Doing what?”

I popped onto my knees, letting the blanket slip away, and cocking back my arm, I threw the pillow as hard as I could. That fluffy cloud turned into a projectile.

Without taking his eyes off me, Daemon’s hand snake out and he snatched the pillow before it connected with his face. “Don’t hate.” Tossing the pillow back to the bed, he folded his arms. “At least I was agreeing with you.”

“You’re as quiet as a freaking ninja,” I muttered.

Daemon winked, and that was the only warning I had. He moved so fast that I could barely track him across the room. The bed dipped under his sudden weight, jostling me and then his large hands were carefully cupping my cheeks. With his knees on either side of my legs, he lowered his head to mine. When he spoke, his warm lips brushed mine, and a rush electricity crackled over my skin. “Hey Kitten,” he breathed.

“What?” I whispered.

He pressed a too-quick, tiny kiss on the corner of my lips. “Have I told you that you’re beautiful yet today?”

I grinned. “Yeah, you did. This morning before Dawson dropped Ashley off.”

“Okay.” Those lips made another sweet pass over mine. “How about this afternoon?”

Placing my hands on his arms, I rested my forehead against his. “Yep. That was roughly around the time Beth and Dawson picked Ashley up. But then again, I’m pretty sure you were just overjoyed by the fact your brother was able to get Ashley’s to drop her chokehold on you.”

“I can still feel that little monkey’s arms around my neck,” he said.

I laughed. “She likes you.”

“Everyone likes me, Kitten.” Kissing me softly, he slid his hands to my shoulders. “How about in the last hour? Have I told you that in the last hour?”

“You just did.”

His lips curved into a smile against mine. “Just making sure.”

Daemon stopped fooling around then and he really kissed me, and he always kissed me like it was the first time. Deeply. He scorched my insides, scalded my skin. And he always kissed me like it would be the last time we’d ever have the pleasure of doing so. My heart rate doubled and as he guided me onto my back and he carefully hovered over me, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, holding him tight. Without cause, a messy ball of emotion formed in the back of my throat and I squeezed him tight.

“Hey,” he murmured, lifting his head. The center of those beautiful green eyes glowed with white, luminous light. Concern poured into his expression. “What’s wrong? Is something wrong? Shit. Kat, what’s going on?”

My smile was wobbly as I gaze at his beautiful face. “It’s nothing. I’m just overly emotional right now, and it’s just that I… I love you.”

He smoothed his thumb along the bottom of my lip. “I love you, Kat.”

No matter how many years had passed between those horrible moments when I’d thought I’d lost him, I would never forget that bitter taste of fear nor would I ever take any second we spent together for granted.

Daemon eased onto his side beside me, wiggling an arm under me and gathering me close. He picked up my left hand and brought it to his mouth. He pressed a kiss against each knuckle. My gaze fell to the engagement ring and the white-gold band that was nestled close to it.

“I was thinking,” he began.

“Oh geez.”

“Hush it.” He lowered our joined hands to my belly, and I sighed, because even though I was flat on my back, my stomach still looked like I had swallowed a beach ball. “Anyway, I was thinking… well, it was really Archer’s idea.”

I arched a brow. God only knows where this was leading.

“What do you think about making Dee and Archer godparents?”

Not what I was expecting considering it was coming from Archer. “That’s going to make Luc really mad. He called dibs on that honor."

Daemon grinned. “I know. I think that’s why Archer suggested it.”

I laughed. “You guys are terrible.”

“Yeah, a little.”

Turning my head toward him, I sighed. “I actually think it’s a good idea.”

“Me too.” Daemon let go of my hand and spread his hand across my belly, something he did every night. He was fascinated by how the baby seemed to do backflips whenever it was time to go to bed.

Sitting up beside me, he placed both hands on my distended belly and then he lowered his head, kissing just above my navel. “What do you think?” he asked, speaking to my stomach in a way that made me grin. “You think Archer would make a good godfather? It’s your call, Adam.”

At that moment, little Adam decided to kung fu my stomach and his daddy’s hand. Daemon’s head lifted, his eyes wide and shining. “You feel that?”

“Every organ in my stomach felt that.”

His smile spread, becoming stunningly beautiful as he turned his gaze back to stomach. “That’s my boy.”

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