we won't work.

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Ji was stunned. He felt like a chainsaw cut right through his heart. His pulse increased and he didnt know what else to do, other then clinch his chest in hopes of stopping it.

" don't get me wrong, I don't love him the way I love you. It's because I know if he was given the option. He would choose me." She slowly stood up, positioning herself infront of him. " I love you ji, with every inch of my being. But if you can't understand how important rain is to me and accept that I love him as a brother.  Then maybe we won't work."

He didn't respond, and he refused to look up at her.

" is that your answer to all this?" She asked.


" did you hear what they were saying? " Dae asked sipping on his milkshake.  The other members did the same shaking thier heads.

" from what i could tell, it wasn't good. " rain concluded,  rolling his eyes. " ji is such a wiener."

" you were the one making out with her in front of him!" Tae yelled, knowing how badly ji's trust issues are.

" oh please, its was barely a peck. it's better to get it out of the way now. she's my baby, I won't back down just because he wants to be selfish. " he pouted.

" even if your right, ji and eva are good for each other.  I can't say I agree with the way you handled yourself." Top said calmly.  " what if she does have feelings for you And ji is hurt in the end?"

" then it's best he hurts now then down the road. " rain said, his relationship with eva was important to him. He didn't want anything but her happiness.  " plus I didn't do this because i think eva is in love with me, I know how she feels. I did it because I want to see how he treats her."

" he won't hurt her." Top stated, his calmness disappearing with every word rain set in front of them.

" you really believe that? I think He is to unpredictable. This is a simple test. If he can't handle her feelings or understand her past, then that in itself is enough to know he isn't good for her."

" even if he can't handle it, i know this won't stop him from wanting to be with her." Dae responded, all of them were trying to figure out just what side he was on.

They had never seen this part of rain. This attitude he had was slightly frightening.  He was cunning and smart. Deep inside they all hoped rain never became one of thier enemy's, because they all knew he would destroy them.

" you think that matters?" Rain let out a low taunting chuckle. " Her life is a never ending maze and every turn is another dead end. you need to break down the walls and anything standing in your way if you want to survive. If he can't be strong for her, I'll do everything in my power to make sure they aren't together."  Rain gave them a challenging grin.

" you would go that far?" Tae asked in a hushed tone.

" i would go to any length." He said even  more careless then before.  " i won't let anything or anyone hurt her again."


At this point ji seemed more worried then pissed, he still hadent said a thing. He walked up to his room and once he opened the door he released her. sulking into his room. Leaving her alone to think about what she had said.

" ji?" She said opening his door, walking in not really caring if he wanted her to or not. " rain really bothers you, Doesn't he?"

Ji leaned forward in his bed, it was almost dusk now and his room was getting dark. His eyes were red, but she wasn't sure if it was because he had been crying or sleeping.

" should I even try? " she whispered sitting on the side of his bed. With one swift tug, he pinned her against his bed.

" i dont want to talk about it. " he stated under his breath, still pissed about the situation. 

" but-"

" all i need, if your honesty." He sighed hoping he didn't regret what he was about to ask. He took a deep breath, preparing himself emotionally. " If you promise me, he is only a brother to you. that nothing else is there, not even the slightest attraction. Then i can get over it. It doesn't matter if he wants you or how much he loves you.  If you say there is nothing else, then I'll believe you."

"Ji-" she paused as he loosed his grip on her hands. " would it really be that simple, would you trust me that easily?"

" there's nothing simple about it,  but i won't let it come between us.  I'll trust in every word you say." He trembled as he spoke, she could feel his agony, knowing how hard this must be. After everything he has been through, trust isn't something he takes lightly.

"  I said maybe this won't work." She stated, she felt his body tense as he hovered above her. "it was too harsh and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all of it. But believe me when I tell you I only see him as a brother. There's no one else for me, only ji."  She wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

" are you sure?" He said his eyes begging her this time.

" I'm positive." Eva placed her lips against his, she left a light moan escape his throat and smiled up at him.

Ji attempted to smile whole heartedly,  but he had fallen short. Going up against rain would be difficult, he knew his opponent was ruthless and resilient. Even so, there was no way, he was going to lose her.

He was ready for whatever rain had in store for him.

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