Chapter 2

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 I brushed aside the beads lining the edge of the cave and walked through them. I was greeted by the familiar scent of lavender and vanilla, and green and yellow flamed torches peppered the walls in all the right spaces. My hand ran along the edges of the cave as I walked in. I sat on a bright orange settee and picked up a horn similar to that of a ram. I blew on the horn and I was enveloped by a warm breeze. It played with my golden locks, soon after the breeze formed the shape of a woman.

 The woman had bright hazel eyes and ginger coloured hair, her hair seemed to be alive, and every time she moved her hair moved with her. She wore and elaborate dress depicting the season of summer and it's natural trademarks. She glided over to my settee and sat down gracefully, bringing her smooth hand to my face, and looking deep into my eyes.

 "I've missed you so much! have you gotten taller? It seems you have gotten a bit paler too... not spending enough time outside I see." she said. I narrowed my eyes at her and gave her a quick hug. This was my mother, the woman who took care of me for as long as I remembered.  A lot of my traits came from her, but it was obvious to me that I hadn't gotten her grace.

 "I need to use the emergency chest. A human has washed up on the island, a male one too."

 "Oh dear! Is he a cutie? I'll find a pretty dress for you to wear, you need to win his heart after all!"

 Just then, all time froze. Soon after it seemed to speed up as a man dressed completely in gold materialized. His hair was gold as well, it shimmered and moved as he walked towards us. I couldn't help but compare his hair to the sand of an hourglass falling across his face, trying to hide his pale brown eyes.

 " Are you really trying to get her married off so soon? And how are you s sure this man doesn't have malicious intentions?" the man directed his question towards my mother. This was my father, I inherited his personality I was just as inquisitive as him and shy. The only physical feature I got from him were my gold hair and my strength. Other than that, you woudn't think we were related.

 My mother rolled her eyes at him and rushed over to the emergency trunk. She pulled out a red ballroom gown with black lace. I shook my head at her and she looked at me, obviously disappointed. I walked over to the trunk to help her search for a dress.

 After a few more seconds of struggling to find that perfect dress, we found it. it was a pale green strapless dress  that reached my ankles. I immediately rushed behind my curtains and put on the dress.

My mother walked over and put a necklace of pearls around my neck. The dress looked so pretty on me that it took my breath away as soon as I looked at my reflection. It fit me perfectly in all the right places and it didn't showcase my thunder thighs for the young male human to see. My mother put my hair into a simple ponytail and ushered me out of the cave. I waved back at them and started making my way out of the forest surrounding the cave. When I finally made my way out, my jaw dropped in terror as I watched the scene around me unfold.

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