Chapter 1

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Emily's Point of View

I finished putting on my warpaint before grabbing my bag and running outside to where my mom was waiting for me. She backed out of the driveway and started driving. I was going to see Black Veil Brides for the first time tonight, and I was super excited. My mom was taking me early so I could get in front row. When we got to the venue, I grabbed my ticket and got in line. There were only a few people in front of us so I was pretty happy. A few hours later, they let us in and I pushed my way to the front row.

Jinxx's Point of View

I tuned my guitar and looked at the guys. Ashley was fixing his hair, Andy was texting Juliet, Jake was texting Ella, and CC was.... Well, being CC. We were going on stage in five minutes. Normally I'm not nervous, but for some reason I am this time. I just feel like something is going to happen this time. Everyone grabbed their stuff and we walked up on stage. The first person I saw was a girl with black hair, greenish eyes, and pale skin. The thing that set me off was that she looked like me and Sammi. Is that really her? Is that Jade? Is that my daughter?

Emily's Point of View

I cheered with the rest of the crowd as Black Veil Brides walked on stage. I saw Jinxx looking at me and I smiled at him. I had always said to my mom that I look like Jinxx, but she always said to me that I was hers and that she had the pictures of when she was pregnant with me and my twin to prove it. My twin was Lauren, and she was nothing like me. We were fraternal twins. I had pale skin, green eyes, and black hair. I was also 5'4". She had brown hair, blue eyes, and tan skin she was only 5'1". And while she was the popular girl at school, I'm the outcast. She likes One Direction, I like Black Veil Brides. She likes Justin Bieber, I like Blood on the Dance Floor. She likes Big Time Rush, I like Falling in Reverse. Tonight Lauren is at a 1D concert with my dad. I saw Jinxx whisper something to Andy, still looking at me. What could he be saying? Andy walked over to me, grabbed my hand, and pulled me on stage. My mom looked pissed off and worried. Andy gave me a backstage pass to watch the show from there and to hang with them later. This is awesome!

Jinxx's Point of View

I asked Andy to pull the girl up and bring her backstage so I could talk to her after the show. I wanted to know if it really was my daughter. 13 years ago, Sammi and I kinda got drunk at a party. I was 19 and she was 17. Either way, Sammi got pregnant and when the baby was born, we named her Jadalynn Elizabeth Ferguson. We knew we couldn't take care of her, so we found a woman who was having twins. One was fine but one was a stillborn so we gave Jade to the woman. The girl we brought up looks so much like me and Sammi. It has to be her. I looked into the crowd and saw the woman I gave Jade to 13 years ago. It is her!

After the show, I went to see my daughter. She walked over like any other fan and hugged each of us. "You guys were amazing. Andy thank you so much for bringing me up." She said. Andy smiled. "You're welcome. What's your name?" He asked her. "Emily." She said. I looked at her and said, "Emily can I talk to you a few minutes?" She nodded. I told her everything about how Sammi and I were her parents. She seemed to believe me. "Get away from my daughter!" I heard a voice say behind us. It was the woman I gave Jade to, and I wasn't giving her back this time. Jade looked pissed and she looked at her "mom" with hatred. "You lying bitch." She hissed. Her mom looked at her, obviously pissed off as well. "Excuse me?"

"You're not my real mom. That's why I don't look like any of you. That's why I had to beg you to bring me to this show. That's why everything I do is wrong and every thing Lauren does is right. That's why you and your husband fucking abused me!!" Jade shouted. The woman looked at me. "Why would you tell my daughter these lies?!" She snarled.

"You're the liar!" Jade hissed. The woman stepped forward to slap Jade and she grabbed her wrist, twisting it until she heard a crack. Jake called security and as they took the woman away, she yelled "Don't think this is the end!" Jade turned and flipped her off before hugging me. I finally had my girl back.

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