Chapter 2 - Peter Parker

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A.N: I know that Peter isn't supposed to be introduced in the timeline just after Ultron but I'm not planning on doing Civil war or any of the other films' plots so I'm just going to throw him in. He's going to be the same age as Seven, meaning they're both fourteen in this. Plus he already has his spider powers. 


"What was that about Rogers?" Sam asked as both men exited the elevator into the living area, where all the avengers were lounging around on the couches. 

Ever since the defeat of Ultron, the avengers had become like a family, often having game nights and watching movies together. It was nice for all of them considering how much they had all been through and the feeling of family was something that they were still getting used to.

"What was what about?" Tony said, appearing out of nowhere, obviously listening to their conversation. 

The other avengers looked up from their program, intrigued by what steve was going to say.

"Something strange happened with that girl I was talking to" He stated and the avengers were all silent, listening. Except for Clint.

"A girl Rodgers? You pick them up off the street?" He laughed at his own joke but quickly stopped when Natasha and Wanda glared at him, signaling for him to be quiet.

"Relax Barton, she was only about twelve." Clint went red causing both Sam and Tony to laugh.

"I accidentally knocked her over when I was running and offered to take her home or to the hospital in case she had a concussion, but she kept refusing and insisting she was fine."

"That's not too weird," Tony said while shrugging. "Maybe she was really okay and didn't want a creepy stranger taking her home" He smirked at steve.

"Hey! I am not creepy, Am I?" He asked Natasha and she just shook her head at him, laughing. 

"The weird bit is" He continued, "She wouldn't look me in the eye and then asked me where she was?"

"Like what state she was in?" Sam asked

"Yeah". Steve replied. He was bothered that he didn't ask her more questions to make sure she was okay and just hoped that she got home safely. 

Suddenly the elevator dinged again causing all heads to turn over that way as Peter Parker walked out, his schoolbag draped over his shoulder, a frustrated expression on his face.

"Ahhh Spiderchild, how was school?" Thor boomed at him causing him to jump and spin around before just realizing it was Thor, the frustrated look on his face returning. 

The avengers noticed his expression and shared worried glances before watching him walk past them to his room, Thor being slightly upset that he had just been ignored. "Is he okay?" Wanda asked, her accent thick. 

"I'm not sure," Tony said, concerned. "FRIDAY, why is Peter so upset?" The avengers listened as the Irish accent filled the room as FRIDAY spoke. 

"It seems that today is the one-year anniversary of May Parker's death boss" and the avengers sighed, realization dawning on them all. 

"Poor Peter," Steve said. "He had to go to school today too". 

"I feel so bad, we should've remembered," Bruce said. "Tony you should go check on him"

"Yeah you're right" Tony stood up and made his way towards Peter's room, down the hall from his and Pepper's. 


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