Chapter 6

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        Sarah let out a piercing cry. "Peter what happened?" she asked. were possessed by something. Don't you remember?" Peter said.

        "No, I'm scared what should we do?"

        "Hope the devil doesn't take your body again," he concluded.

        Peter helped Sarah back to her feet, and they walked upstairs to change because Sarah's blood had covered then head to toe.

        "I'll be out in a minute I'm taking a shower," yelled Sarah.


        Sarah stripped down from her blood drenched clothes, and watched her reflection. She looked, and felt at her body like she had never been in it before. Only because it's true. The devil has taken it.

        Peter sat on Sarah's bed, and waited. Until he saw something at the door. It was some kind of ghost person. He ran after the ghostly creature, but only caught a small glimpse of her moving through the wall. He heard a scream from the bathroom. Peter knew he couldn't tell Sarah because that thing might still be inside of her.

        Peter ran back to the bathroom. He turned the knob to the door cautiously incase she tried to attack him. He walked into her brushing her hair with full clothes on.

        "I think we should sleep in my room tonight, so I know if that thing tries to attack me," Peter hesitated. Sarah followed Peter silently. They both crawled into his bed; Peter fell asleep. Sarah didn't. The devil never rests.

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