Epilogue ~ You're Cooking Breakfast

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“Gabriel you need to be careful,” Louis said, pushing the toddlers hand away. He pouted but put his hand back on Aylen’s chest, petting it softer than before. She was kicking her feet out at the touches but dealt with it, she really didn’t like being unnecessarily held or touched but she already loved Gabriel. The triplets were 9 months old and the twins were a month. All three 9 month olds were all trying to walk on their own. They couldn’t quite balance and Gabriel seemed the most frustrated that he couldn’t take more than one step.  

A binki was thrown at Louis and he looked down at the side of the large bed to see Saraqael pulling on the blanket, wanting up but too short to get there. He made a grabby hand for Louis and the man smiled, leaning over to pull him up under the arms. He set the toddler next to his brother and stick the binki in Aylen’s mouth when she started fussing. She sucked on furiously, looking around at her two brothers.

Harry was on the floor with Michael and Lanx. Michael was crawling around touching everything that he could and Lanx was watching his daddy make funny faces. “Almost time for lunch,” Harry sad glancing at his watch, turning his head to up to look at Louis who nodded. He put the toddlers on the floor one by one and picked up his month old daughter. It was a lot to get all the kids down in the kitchen but it was great.

The two fathers carried the month olds while the triplets slowly slid their way down the stairs, following their daddies footsteps. There were to basnetts clipped to the large oak table where the twins would lie while Louis and Harry fed the triplets. “‘ilk!” Michael yelled when Louis opened the fridge, kicking wildly in his high chair. Harry was still trying to get the wiggly Gabriel clipped down but was successful in time to pick Saraqael up just as he was signing that he wanted food.

Louis poured the milk for the toddler, giving them different sippy cups. He got started cutting up fruit, handing the children that while he got into the longer stuff, making penne pasta and covering it in spaghetti sauce. Once the three had food on their plates Louis made bottles for the littler two and handed one to Harry and they were fed too.

“Gabriel I swear if you throw that cup you will get nothing to drink at bedtime,” Louis scolded the 9 month old who was tipping the cup upside down over the side of his table, dripping it slowly on the tile. Louis stood up, letting Harry grab the bottle for Lanx, and put the child's sippy cup on his table right.

“No!” Gabriel yelled, brows pulled together and lips pursed. He looked so much like his father that Louis had flashes of Zayn’s face sometimes.

“I’ll call daddy,” he said, pulling his phone out of his pocket. Gabriel's eyes went wide and his shook his head fast, cheeks jiggling with the motion. Zayn wasn’t mean to the baby but he didn’t take shit and Gabe hated the strictness. “Then be a good boy and eat your food,” Louis told him and Gabriel did as he was told, shoving a few messy noodles in his mouth. Michael was being neater, picking a noodle up, one at a time, with two fingers and gently putting it in his mouth. Louis kissed his cheek and turned his attention to Saraqael who was sad he didn’t have anymore apple slices. Louis picked up a few more and set it on his table.

He sat back down and seen that both babies were done eating and Harry was burping Aylen. He picked up Lanx and started burping him. “We have so many kids,” Harry voiced and Louis laughed, turning to him with wide eyes.

“And what made you say that?” He asked, smile large. The angel chuckled, wiping up some spit up from his shoulder when Aylen burped.

“We got three toddlers with their own personalities. Gabriel is an asshole. Saraqael is our baby. Michael is--he’s going to be a lawyer or something I swear. Then we got two little babies who--What are we going to do when they’re all teenagers!” Harry set the girl down and crossed his arms. Gabriel copied him, a large grin on his face. He had a tooth already in and two more growing. Saraqael had a few teeth and so did Michael.

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