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***Author's Message: This chapter was written while listening to the playlist that is mentioned playing in Peter's car. I often write to music, and sometimes it does influence my writing. In this case, it did become part of the story and offered a direction for the plot. Feel free to play the songs as you read, or even just have the video play in the media section. It will add to the experience.

Again, I'd like to thank everyone for the encouragement to keep me going. It's so exciting to see your feedback and comments as well. Please consider letting me know how I'm doing, or even what you'd like to see next for Peter and Julie. Your votes and comments really do count. I read them all. Thanks again and here's to having a fabulous Valentine's Day! 

Official Playlist:

Taylor Swift  “Shake It Off”

Pharrell Williams “Happy”

Michael Franti “I’m Alive”

Chapter 8

Julie’s POV

The highway whizzed by with Taylor Swift blasting from the stereo.  I was shaking around dancing. The wine was affecting my dance moves in the passenger seat. I slipped around on the leather, bouncing up and down waving my hands to the beat. I saw Peter smirking.

“You got to get into the beat Peter.”

“That’s all right. I’m enjoying what your doing.” His smirk erupted into a gorgeous smile which stopped my bouncing.

“What’s funny?” I tried not to pout with my question, but I’d had three glasses of wine. I was feeling very relaxed.

“You are.”

“It’s hard to twerk in a passenger seat. I’m having to improvise.” I got back into the beat as the song hit the bridge. The road continued to fly by as I got to my final move. The song ended with me in a dramatic pose, hangs up and hair swinging to hit the window of the car.

The opening beats of the next song started making me break into a feet stomping revival of previous moves. “God, this makes me want to do all of my happy dance poses.” I broke into some clapping and head swings to match the rhythm of “The Happy Song”. At the chorus, I let loose with my favorite move, miming a square.

“Don’t forget to make sure you don’t hit me Julie. I’d hate to run off the road at 80 mph.”

“We’re going that fast. I can’t even tell.” Thing was, I could see he was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat.

That’s when the whistling started to the Michael Franti song. My dancing changed to a serenade of whistling to the song. I kept up pretty well, rockin’ out to the rap section of the song. Peter joined in the whistling with the next chorus.

“Now you’ve got it.” I gave him a small punch to the shoulder. Boy, I think I was officially drunk. I just hit my boss.

Lucky for me, he broke into laughter. “It’s a good thing I’m driving, or you’d be in trouble with my dance moves.”

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