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 Jisung paused, took a deep breath, and pushed open the door.  

Now, the story in the book hadn't officially started yet. At this point, the main protagonist, Felix, was still fighting against the insect clan in another Galaxy called 3racha. 

The plot of the original book only started after Felix returned. There was still about another month until that.

After Felix returned, he would begin to play the role of the vicious supporting male character. Before this, the plot wasn't described in the text, so Jisung could do anything that doesn't get in the way of the plot.

Last life, when he had just come to this world after gaining the memories of the original, he immediately attended the coming-of-age banquet. He was very cautious.

This time, Jisung was much more comfortable, and this part didn't involve any major characters in the book, so it was relatively relaxing.   

As a returning host, Jisung was already familiar with his role like the back of his hand. Doing it again was not without its advantages. Jisung tried to be optimistic about his suffering.

He walked along the long, magnificent corridor and met the original's father and mother on the way. 

Duke Younghyun was a very tall man. He looked at Jisung with dark brown eyes and a kind smile. Jihyo was gentle and graceful, with a delicate and beautiful appearance. Standing beside the tall duke, she seemed very petite. Every move she made was graceful and noble.

"What took you so long? Your friends are waiting for you outside. "   

Jisung replied, "It took a while to change."

Jihyo stroked his short soft blonde hair, and said with a sweet voice and a smile in her eyes, "Our baby has grown up, and will be an adult starting today. What present would you like? "  

Jisung said sincerely, "Thank you, Mom and Dad. I like all the gifts you give me."   

Jihyo looked at her son in an adoring way when she heard this, "Look at how sweet you are. Well, today you are the star. Mom and Dad dare not keep you."

Jisung smiled and followed his parents into the banquet hall. The door opened and all eyes fell on him instantly.

Younghyun politely welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. Then, the banquet began. Everyone gathered around to congratulate Jisung and present the gifts they'd prepared.  

Apart from some friends and subordinates of Younghyun and Jihyo, the people who came today were mostly old Jisung's friends.

Jisung immediately saw at a glance was a young man with grey hair and a smart appearance, Jeongin. In the book, his character was a small named role.  

Jeongin put his arm around Jisung's shoulder and smiled, "Why did our star come out so late?"  

Jisung quietly pulled Jeongin's hand off his shoulder, "A little something kept me."   

Jisung found a place to sit down, one hand lazily supporting his chin, looking pensively at the people in the hall.  

Jisung decided to quietly slack off. In the original book, he only filled an unimportant role. He was only needed when he made things difficult for the main character. It didn't really matter what he did at other times, so he had no restrictions.  

Last time, he wasn't too familiar with the world and the rules of the mission, plus he was overly cautious about revealing the truth. Because of that, he was tired out to the max. 

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