Chapter 2

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I woke up at my usual time, 6:00 in the morning. I groan because I realize it's Monday. Bleh. Mondays are the worst. Before I get ready for school, though, I have to feed the horses. I just slip on my purple down coat, leaving my cozy pj bottoms on. A few minutes later, Mom and I were walking into the barn. We feed the horses and check their water buckets. "Go ahead and get ready for school, I'll finish up the chores," Mom said. "Okay."

I jogged to the house and quickly put on nice-ish jeans, a cream knit top, and my new black bearpaws. I brushed my hair, decided to leave it down, brushed my teeth, and then ran downstairs and poured myself some Cocoa Puffs. When I finished my cereal and put the bowl in the sink, I checked the time. 7:53. The bus comes at 8:00, so I'll just go to the end of the driveway now. I unplugged my green IPhone and texted my bestie, Heather. I texted her as I walked down the driveway, and soon enough, the bus arrived.


I shuffled into homeroom with my homework binder, language arts binder, and religion folder and sat down in my desk. I quickly got myself ready for language, and once I was ready I read my book. I really like to read, and my favorites are books about horses (obviously!). It's pretty kiddish to some people, but I really like them. It's something I can read and relate to. My mind started drifting from my book and I started to think about the new horse that was coming tomorrow. I really hope we'll be able to help him. I know it will be tough to help him, but I won't give up without a good try. There is nothing in the world that would make me even consider giving up on a horse, and this horse won't be any different. The bell rang and I was forced to set my book down and be pulled into the dreadful day of school...


"I'm home!" I yelled as I walked into my house. "Hey, how was your day?" Mom asked. "It was okay, we dissected chicken leg bones in science today. It smelled really bad, though," I replied. "Do you have any homework?" "I finished it all." "How about you go ride Pepper on a trail then," Mom said. "Okay," I said. I went upstairs and changed into my riding clothes. I put on two sweatshirts because it's freeeeezing!!! Well, it is the middle of February in North Carolina. You would expect it to be warm, but we have been having a cold snap for a while.

Once I was ready to ride, I went outside and got Pepper from the field. I put him in cross ties and brushed him until his coat shone like shiny metal. I grabbed his saddle, bridle, and my helmet and put the saddle and bridle on. I finally snapped my helmet on, tightened the chin strap, and unsnapped the cross ties. I led him outside to the arena, where the mounting block was. I led him to the mounting block, mounted him, and warmed him up in the arena. Once he was warmed up, I rode him out of the arena and onto the path that led us to my favorite trail.

We reached the start of the trail, and I double checked my helmet because Pepper can be a little spooky on the trails. We started on the trail, and Pepper was doing great so far! We passed the small pond where ducks usually swam, but there weren't any there because of the cold weather. "Our duck friends will be back in the spring," I told Pepper. He snorted and shook his mane. We kept walking on the trail, and we reached the end of it where the trail opens to a big meadow, which leads to the path back to the barn. I decided to trot him across the meadow, and all too soon we reached the end of the meadow, where it narrowed into the path back to the barn. "Okay boy, we'll take it easy the rest of the way back home," I told Pepper. We arrived home, and I was able to hop off of Pepper and untack him. I hadn't worked him hard at all, so he was cool enough to go into his stall. Once he was in the cross ties, all brushed and clean, I put his dark blue blanket on, and put him in his stall. "I'll go get the others," I said to Pepper.

I walked outside to the pastures and brought in Missy, Candy Girl, Fiona, Tucker, and Buddy into the barn, put their blankets on, then gave them their dinners and hay. Once all the horses were fed, cozy, and tucked into their stalls, I wished them all goodnight and walked outside and closed the main barn door. I walked back to the house and told Mom the horses were all put to bed. "Thanks honey," she said. "No problem. I'm going to shower and get ready for bed," I said. "Okay, goodnight." "Goodnight Mom."

Once I was showered and in bed, I said my prayers, then started to read. My eyelids started to droop and the pages started to blurr. I put my book down and turned off my lamp. My cat, Mo, hopped on my bed and settled himself at the foot of it. I bundled myself under the blankets, and drifted off to sleep.

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