Making Love in a Dark Room

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Lightening in a dark room, honey? Megan said of the flickering candles.
The power went out again, I said.
Fuck Texas and their goddamn deregulated power-grid, Megan said. You know what, fuck Republicans in general. This goddamn storm is killing us. We'll probably get a huge fucking bill once this is over.
Price gouging is illegal, right? I said.
Not in Texas, Megan said.
Then fuck it, let's keep the lights off and try for the baby you want.
You serious? No protection this time? Megan said as her eyes widened. You want a baby now, too? You're ready now?
I'm ready, I said, exciting even myself.
Not even the flickering candles could distract the deep of her green eyes as she undressed.
I swallowed hard.
Come here, she said, pulling me with her finger.
I swallowed harder. I didn't know whether I was really ready for a kid, but I knew she was, and I wasn't going to lose her over a kid. I wasn't going to lose her period.
I wiped off my silent grin, and not even the cold Texas breeze could cool our bones.

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