9. Amy's Thursday

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"Go on" Amy encouraged. This would get the girl in trouble for sure. She winced in anticipation of the pain to come. But it never did. Instead, she heard the dean's collected voice.

"I think you better come with me girls."

The principal, Mr. Lowell was an aging man, whose 30 years of running an all girls school softened his hard male exterior to the point where he himself sometimes mused over Marlon Brando's dreamlike face, was partial to herbal teas and even caught himself looking at a ladies attire in an appreciative rather than simply lustful manner. He enjoyed the drama and complexity of the female gender specifically the bemusing mishaps of misbehaving little girls. As such the St Catherine's All Girls School was said to be one of the best behaved schools in the area, a fact still attributed to it being an all-girls school rather than it's strict yet sensitive regime which dealt with delinquents with seamless precision.

Matron, also know as Patty Reeves to those above the age of 17, brought in  two sheepish suspects into his office.

"Ah. What have we here?" Mr Lowell asked Matron in an authoritative voice. "Miss White, Miss Harris"

"Troublemakers. That's what" Matron replied with a flat tone. "I'll be out back if you need me"

"Thank you Matron" Mr Lowell said as Matron left the room. "So what is the matter girls?"

"She hit me!" yelled the girl whos surname was Harris.  

"Did not!" Amy yelled back automatically. "Okay...I did. But I was defending a girl's honour!"

"Miss White. Did you hit Miss Harris?" Mr Lowell interrupted.

The little girl nodded, almost feeling remorseful.

"You know we take this kind of behaviour very seriously in this school don't you? What have you to say for yourself?" Mr Lowell asked in a poatronising tone.

Amy burned with frustration of the injustice she was facing. She longed to tell the headmaster exactly what happened. Her language left her, replaced instead with a burning rage.

"I'd do it again too!"

"You see?" Harris wailed. "She's a nasty piece of work she is. Nothing good will come out of that one Sir.  So rude and violent, she even picks on older ones."

"Miss Harris-"

"She hit me first!" Amy exclaimed, standing up from her chair.

Mr Lowell raised an intrigued eyebrow.

"Alright. Miss White, wait outside. Each one of you can plead your case, uninterruptedly."

Amy politely pushed back her chair and exited the room. The thrill of anger dispersed into nerves. Would she be suspended? She would be in such trouble when she got home. She sat in the cold plastic chair of in the corridor, and rested her head on her hands, trying not to cry. The other girls were still on their break, meanwhile Amy was sitting in the bleak corridor, staring at the linoleum flooring. She was bored at break time. How much she wished now she could slip back into the familiarity of routine, of following school rules. The bell would go any minute now and she would be late for her lesson. If she was ever even allowed back into lessons. She might even get locked up for this, who knew? She noticed the tips of familiar brown locks rush past the corridor. It was undoubtedly her.

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