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Chapter Thirty-Eight| Leona

6 months later

"You not hungry?" Ben questions, biting into his chicken burger and my nose turns in disgust and I feel bile begin to rise.

Keep it down Leona.

"The wedding is next week. I need to stay healthy and then I can eat shit after." I nod but end up gagging. Ben furrows his eyebrows.

"Did you just gag?" He questions and I quickly shake my head.

"Erm-no." I stare at the burger and gag again. "No, I've just got the hiccups."

"Shut the fuck up, you just gagged again! Leona?" He tilts his head.

"I've just been feeling peaky lately." I shrug and Ben raises his eyebrows.

"Peaky or pregnant?" My eyes widen and I feel my heart begin to race.

Dario and I have been careful every time...except..oh shit.

Two weeks ago. We were in a rush and Dario was horny as per usual but he pulled out. Obviously that didn't work, the one time we choose to be reckless and now this is happening.

"Dario and I agreed after the wedding." I sigh and Ben chuckles.

"So? You're one week early, not much you can do now." Ben continues to laugh and I playfully roll my eyes at him.

"We don't know for sure, we need to go and get a test." I nod and I watch in shock as Ben begins to scoff his food down. "Slow down, Ben."

"I need to know if I'm going to be an uncle again, Leona." He deadpans and I roll my eyes. "Do you know how lucky your future children will be, having an uncle like me? I mean Logan loves having me as an uncle. "

I giggle at my best friend and I nod my head. "He or she will be so lucky and Logan loves you probably because every time you see him you shower him with chocolate. I mean where's my chocolate every time you see me?" I wink and Ben smiles.


I search around the house and then usher Ben in.

"Where are your two boys?" Ben questions as we walk through the empty penthouse. I pick up Logan's toys from the floor as we make our way to the kitchen.

"Rio has taken him to the park to play football."  I inform Ben.

I have to admit it's been a few hours since I've last seen them and I miss them already.

"Right, let's wee on a stick." Ben rubs his hands together and I stare at him in amusement. 

"As far as I'm aware, Ben, I will be the only one pissing on the stick." I take the pregnancy test from his hands and make my way into the bathroom.

I do my business, cleaning the stick before walking out to see an excited Ben.

"You're pregnant! I knew it!" He exclaims.

"We have to wait two minutes." I laugh and we both sit on the living room floor, staring at the stick which I've placed upside down.

These two minutes begin to feel like two hours, I can feel myself starting to become anxious. I bite my nails and look at my best friend who gives me a small smile.

"Don't be scared." He grabs my hand and once the two minutes are up he turns the stick over, his eyes widening. "It's positive."

We both stare at each other in shock and then a huge grin etches onto our face before we are both pulling each other into a tight hug.

"I hope it's a girl." Ben pulls away and says.

"I'll be happy with whatever." I admit and relax a little.

"How are you gonna tell Dario?" Ben asks and I smile, knowing exactly what I am going to do.

"I'm going to announce it to him on our wedding day." I nod, standing up from my seated position. "It's only another week, I know he'll be so excited."

"That sounds like a great plan." Ben beams.

"We haven't discussed it yet but I wanted to ask you if you'll walk me down the aisle next week?" I question nervously and watch as Ben's eyes begin to water.

"Really?" He croaks and I nod my head, biting my lip. "I would fucking love to!" He cries out, throwing his arms around me.

"Thank you, Ben. I love you." I whisper and tighten my arms around him.

"I love you too. Your father would be so proud of you, Leona, so proud." Ben praises and I sniffle.

We take a minute and then pull away, wiping each others tears. "Are you still coming to dinner tomorrow with the family?" He nods his head. "Bring Jaxon, I haven't seen him in a while." Ben's smile drops and worry fills my body.

"Yeah about that-" he scratches the back of his head, "-we had a crazy argument last night and I don't know if he's coming back." I gasp at his words.

"It's that bad?" I raise my eyebrows and Ben gives me a tight-lipped smile.

"Really bad. We both said some harsh things and he just stormed out the house, he's not been answering my phone calls or texts and I'm getting really worried about him." Ben sighs and I give him a sympathetic look.

"You'll sort this, you two are soulmates, you're made for each other. I mean come on, you've been together since we were fourteen! That was fourteen years ago, I'm surprised you two are not married yet!" Ben laughs lightly and nods his head.

"I hope so, Leo. The dick is too good to lose." I lightly hit him round the head. "What?! I'm sure you'd say the same about Dario." He exclaims and I shrug.

"Very true, Benjamin, very true." I pat his shoulder. "Now let's binge eat ice cream."


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