01: touch

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I was still in the floor when I see Damon walk out with Kai over his shoulder and Bonnie following right behind him. "So what are we gonna do with the guy?" I asked while slowly getting up.

"We are going to tie him up to a chair, and then torture answers out of him." Damon replied with a fake smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and started walking by their side.

We made it to the salvatore house and Damon plops Kai on the chair tying his hands. Bonnie was helping clean up the cuts and was pulling glass out of them. "Hey do you want like pain killers I could run out and get them for you" She asked. I looked at her with a side eye. "Right, sorry". It sounded tempting to tell her yes but for once I actually trying to get my life together.

She was done and I headed over to the couch serving my self a cup of bourbon. We heard a groan, Kai was waking up. Damon went over to the fire place and started heating up a fire poker. "Well look who's awake for the Q&A portion of the day. I need answers now." Damon said while holding up the poker.

"Let me guess, answer right I get a pork rind. Wrong, and I get a poker." Kai smiled at Damon who only brought the poker closer. "What? No no, these are for me, you only get the poker". I sighed as I was getting impatient towards both of them. "Let me ask you a question first. Why do you think we're stuck on a repeating loop of May 10, 1994? Doomed to relive a solar eclipse forever and ever, and ever." I raised my eyebrow at Damon.

" How the hell should I know?" he was clearly getting impatient as well.

"Well, I heard you tell Bonnie and Andie this place was your own personal hell. I'm kinda curious why." Bonnie interrupts him. "I found everything you asked for: can-opener, shower drain, grinding wheel, jam, pocket knife, volume "O" of the encyclopedia, a nail and a black marker."

She walks over to the table in front of the couch where Damon sits and dumps the bag full of materials onto it. Damon rises to his feet. "Now what?" I asked him. "Can't show you with my hands taped". I reached over to the pocket knife and walked over to Kai.

"Andrea" Damon says warningly, I ignore him and cut off the tape. "Thank you." I glared at him and he stood up.

"Okay. Fine. How is this pile of crap going to get us out of here?" "I'll explain... as soon as you tell me what you did on May 10, 1994." "What difference does it make!?"

"Let me put it this way—Bonnie's magic is one part of the equation. My as-yet undisclosed knowledge is the other. While Andie here is a cutie, Id take her on a date as soon as we get out of here. Which means you would be hitching a ride home for free. I just want to know if you deserve to come along." I rolled my eyes and sat next to Bonnie.

Damon stomps over to Kai, snatches the pocket knife from my hand and lifts Kai up to put the knife against his neck. "Or I could just torture you until you say something useful." "If you torture me, I'll get mad, and then I won't want to help you. What kind of person needs to have that explained to them?" Kai said while looking at me.

I reach over and take the knife out of Damon's hand. Damon roughly lets Kai go. Kai laughs. "Play nice." I told Damon while waking back to the couch. "Stop trying to impress the new guy." I glared at him. "Why don't you just tell him your story?" "Maybe because I don't want to talk about the worst thing I ever did, Andie." Damon yelled at me.

"Ooooh, now im listening" Kai said while eating jam with his hands. I looked at him with disgust and he winked at me. I poured myself another glass of bourbon.


" I need to be entertained while I work." Kai said while laying down, his feet now on my lap, screwing open another jam jar with the can-opener. "Hell story please" He sung and I chuckled a little.

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