Gabbi's pov

    It all started when I walked into the building, girls were giving me dirty looks and the guys were staring.  Now don’t get the idea that I’m the most beautiful girl you ever saw nor am I the most ugliest..  I didn’t pay any attention to them I was looking for a job. I walked to the lady that was under a sign that said costumer helper.

  ’’Hi ‘’ I said to her, she looked away like she didn’t even know I was there. ''Excuse me, hello'' I said again. '' Look what do you want '' she said giving me a 'bitch get out of my face look'..yeah she was that kind of girl I guess,  the kind that think they know it all, she had on a slutty looking black dress with high heels....

'Um,  I’m here for an interview'' I said ..'' so''?  She asked back '' ok this bitch was getting on my nerve.'' so I need you to tell me where I should go'' I said back in a 'you aren’t better than me voice.   ''Oh'' was all she said back..'' are you here to apply to be a secretary for Mr. Bomer '' she asked in a much nicer voice.

‘‘Yeah'' I said back to  her ..'' oh you can take the elevator and go all the way to the top and you'll find a office to your right, that's where they are holding  the interview '' she said back. ''thank you''. I  replied...I was walking away when I heard her say...'' if you don’t get the job the restaurant next to the building are looking for waitresses, just though you would like to know''.....  

When, I was in the elevator the guys were staring and one of them even had the nerve to say. ''hey, lil bitch can I get your number''..... I slapped him in the face and walked out of the elevator...   When, I got to the office where they were holding the interview, there was this girl making out with a guy who was in suit.. I couldn’t see his face because the girl’s ass was in the way..  ’’Umm excuse me ‘’ I said.  They stopped kissing and the girl looked at me and said ‘’ what’’ in a..

                  You are interrupting me voice.      ‘’ Well I’m here for an interview, I don’t know you, but I’ll appreciate if you don’t do that’’ I said moving my hands in her face ‘’I’ll really appreciate’’ just when miss. Slutty was about to say something. .the guy who I guess was the boss said ’’ Bye Ms. Crystal, I’ll call you to tell you if you get the job” ’’…’’, “Ok’’ she replied …, she walked past me and bumped my shoulder and walked off without saying anything else.  

              Now I was able to look at the guy she was making out with he had dark sexy black hair, tan-skin tone, but not orange like some people, his is a really light deep tan, he had baby blue eyes and he wasn’t wearing a suit, but, his white under shirt was unbuttoned and you could just see the impression of the 8 pack he had  ”mhn,  that’s hot, I wish I could”, and before I could think of anything else, he said in a dark sexy  voice ''sit down please''...  

                   As I sat down I couldn’t help looking down at his unzipped pant. Now I’m wondering what could have happened with that Crystal slut if I hadn’t interrupt. Having sat down in my rather tight skirt that was just a little past my mid thigh, I didn’t realize that my blouse was unbuttoned at the top. He sat down across from me, and asked  “What’s your name.”    

                 “Gabrielle Union” I replied. He smiled at that and then started drilling me with question. Some of them were alright some of them were just damn confusing and weird, like when he asked “ If I had a boyfriend?” but, that wasn’t the awkward part, the awkward part was when he asked me if I was still a virgin and I had to stay calm and choose my word calmly so I don’t get kicked out during my interview.  


            Even with about an hour spent on questions he was still not done yet and that was aggravating me because when I came in during his interview with um, I’m guessing her name is Crystal, that there wasn’t that much talking, more like touching and feeling.

  I, finally lost it and blurted out “Why are you asking me so many questions?”  “Do you have a problem with that” He shot back “Well you weren’t asking a billion questions to that Crystal person?  Cause all I saw were your faces stuck together.” I muttered hoping that he didn’t hear me but I guess I spoke too soon cause what he did next  shocked the  both of us.

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