A Friendly Dilly-Dally

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Kakashi's POV

This is really weird. It's not like I'm about to meet any important person with high status or any strong opponents at the battlefield, but somehow I feel really nervous. I keep looking at the mirror, single errhmm....double-checking my appearance. Of course, I'm still wearing my usual black shirt with mask covering half of my face and a headband which covers my left eye. And, yes, there's nothing to worry about since this usual outfit could never be any more or less than usual. But somehow, I need to triple-check on this.

I closed my door and locked it. It's 10 a.m in the morning and I have no idea of how could I wake up so early today. This is weird number 2. Okay, now, I have to go to her house and pick her up.

Adding to my list of unusual clumsiness today (I said, 'unusual', because the normal 'me' never do such things as 'clumsy'), I forgot that I don't know where she live. This is the real deal. This is idiocy. And I would neither ask Shou or Yoshi about this, nor will I ever. That's the end of me. I've been walking around Konoha for at least half an hour while trying to figure out how to know where she lives. Kurenai, Asuma and Guy look at me as if I'm a depressed person and they were asking me 'what happened' everytime I saw them. But asking them would be pointless, especially Guy. He'll just make a big fuss out of this.

Fortunately, I met the man I need right now.

"Kinoe!" I shouted at a man with a couple of ghoul-liked eyes.

"Ah! Kakashi-senpai! What is it?" He asked me. I smiled to him, "do you know where Yamigawa Yuki lives?"

"Yuki? That pale-skinned girl? She lives in the same apartment as your friend, Kurenai. Why do you ask?"

So, that's where she lives! "Thank you, Tenzou," I thanked and immediately left him before he asks any other unimportant questions.

And here I am, standing in front of a single white door, thinking of what should I say to her when I face her. I took a deep breath and push the bell.

She doesn't answer.

Okay, one more time. "Ding dong."

"Waittttt!!!!! I'll be there in a minute,"


She opens the door. Showing her messy bun hair and an oversized t-shirt with a 'I-just-woke-up' expression on her face. Good grief, this is 12 already!

"Ah! Sorry, sorry, I was asleep when you came. Umm....come in. I'll be ready in 10 minutes,"

I walk inside her flat. It looks tidy and at the same time, it looks empty. A big sofa with television and a low table in the living room, a dining table with 3 chairs and a kitchen set in the kitchen, I thought girls love to decorate.

She peeked her head from her bedroom, "do you want anything to drink?". I shook my head no. "Feel free to drink anything from the fridge if you want."

I sit on the couch and look around. There's a magazine and a novel on the low table in front of me. 'How A Shinobi Should Die'. The same book I read when I was still mourning about my comrade's death. I wonder why would she read this kind of book.

And then, 10 minutes have finally passed and the girl I've been waiting for has finally appeared in front of her bedroom door. Even though it was just 10 minutes, it was the longest 10 minutes I've ever had in my life.

She doesn't wear much. Just a plain white sleeveless shirt with a knee length black pants. She puts her hair up in a ponytail as always and she has an armband on her left hand. Plain and simple. But it doesn't make her any less pretty.

We've been walking through the streets of Konoha for 15 minutes now. We're just talking about things. Likes, dislikes, hobbies, future plan. And it's somehow heartwarming to have someone to talk to. She's not my first friend, of course. But I could never have this kind of talk with Guy. Not with his hot-blooded temper. Shou and Yoshi? They have no slight bit of interest in my life and I don't really want to hang out with them outside of the mission.

"I think I've been talking too much about myself. Tell me about you," she said. Her lips are curved into a small smile everytime she ended her sentence and she looks into your eyes when you talk. That's the kind of girl she is.

"I like reading. I dislike sweet things. My hobby is reading and well, I don't really have any future plans,"

"No future plans? How about dreams? Do you have any dreams?"

I shook my head no. "No. Everything I've been dreaming has already shattered a long time ago."


"I'll tell you someday," I smile to her. "Now, aren't you hungry? Should we get something to eat? What do you want to eat?"

She put her left hand on her chin. Thinking.

"I like sweet things. But you don't like it. So, we can't go to the dumplings shop. How about we eat donburi instead?"

"That's good. I like it,"

We arrived at the Donburi shop and ordered a Tekkadon for her and a Tenshi-han for me. "Ah, this looks good," she said before picking the rice with the chopsticks. "Itadakimasu!"

We haven't finished our late lunch when someone called us from behind.

"Kakashi! Here you are! And thank God you're with Yuki so I don't have to look around for her too," Izumo said to us.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"Sandaime-sama summoned the two of us. Better finished it up fast and go see him. I think it's something important,"

"What happened again? Okay, Izumo. Thanks for telling us," she said. Suddenly, all the rice in her bowl has gone before I realize. I took my chopsticks and begin eating again, but faster this time.

"Okay, I'm done. Let's go to the Hokage's office."

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