Chapter 3 Couples

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Me, Carly and Kate walked down stairs into the kitchen I sat on Matt's lap. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

" What was that for" Matt asked wrapping his arms around my waist.

" Just wanted to say hi. so hi" I replied before kissing his lips again.

" Best hi ever" he replied.

" Oh really how about this" I replied bring my lips to his and pushing my tongue into his mouth and he let a moan escape his mouth. I smiled and pulled back.

" I was clearly wrong" Matt replied.

"I know" I replied.

" Hello but there's a dad in the room so I'd watch how your hands are all touchy touchy on each other" dad said pointing at us.

" Sorry dad" I replied turning at taking a piece of Matt's bacon. yes we share our food with each other it's really sweet.

"It's okay but I'm just warning you" he replied.

" Okay we'll we got to head to school we have a cheer leading practice than a game at 8 tonight" I replied standing up in my cheer leading uniform.

" Okay let's go babe" Matt replied standing up grabbing my hand and his phone in the other.

" Yeah let's go baby" jack said standing up and grabbing Carly's hand.

"Yeah let's go" Carly replied walking into the living room and out the door.

" Now all we need to do is get Kate a boyfriend."I replied.

" Naw I'm good" Kate replied looking at her phone and giggling.

" Your talking to a guy you like I can tell you giggled that's your tell you like someone" I replied pointing at her.

" No I don't" she replied.

" Or really let me see the phone" I replied putting my free hand out for her phone.

" No" she replied.

" Fine ill just have to get it from you" I replied.

" Have fun" she replied.

" Oh I will" I replied before yanking her phone away." your texting chase."

" Yes I am" she replied looking at her phone.

" Why would you text him he used to make fun of you all the time" I replied handing her her phone back.

" Yes and he's changed he's really sweet and hot" she replied handing me her phone. There on the phone was a picture of a hot guy with blond hair and gray eyes.

" He's really cute" I replied than felt a smack in the back of my head." ouch that hurt."

" Well" Matt replied.

" Yeah we'll he's not as hot as you are" I replied before kissing Matt's lips.

We walked into the school and all eyes were on us like really.there were whispers every where like.

"Can you believe Matt and sky are dating" and " wow Carly,jack and Matt, sky wow awkward much." And " that's just weird."

"Don't pay attention to them baby" Matt said.

" I won't their just jelly" I replied.

" Your right their jelly because I got you and I'm never letting you go" Matt replied smiling before kissing me up against the lockers. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

" Um guys" jack said.

" What" I replied pulling away from Matt's lips.

" We're at school there's teachers everywhere and-" he got cut off by Carly kissing him on the lips.

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