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Cute Niall Horan imagine

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You have just graduated. You decided to move to Mullingar just with the little bit of hope to ever see Niall Horan. One day you're sitting in a pub typing something for work. Suddenly a guy walks in and sits next to you. You don't look up. You hear him order something and you're head shoots up. You knew that voice. You had heard it before. You trun your head and spit out the water that was in your mouth. Luckily it didn't hit him. Yes it was Niall. He looked at you and saw you choke. He started pattng your back. "you ok?" he asked you. You nod you're head. "aren't you Niall Horan?" He smiles and looks away. "I should've known" he smiles and looks back up the nods in your direction. "WoW! Don't worry I won't turn in to a total freak I'll act normal" you say and hear him smirk. "what ya typing?" he asks. "Oh just a report and the marketing of my company" he looks at your name tag. Y/N, What a beautiful name. You blush and look away "thanks" he smiles again. He has such a charming smile. You and Niall chat for another hour. Suddenly one of your typical irish pub fights break out. One of the guys throws a bottle and it hits the counter right beside you. Niall looks angry stands up and walks over to the two guys. "YOU IDIOTS! CAN'T YOU SEE YOU ALMOST HIT THIS WONDERFUL LADY!?!" he starts shouting. "IF SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN HIT THE WOULD HAVE BEEN A TERRIBLE LOSS!" you blush and look down at the ground. He grabs your arm. "c'mon y/n we'll go somewhere else. You stand up and follow him. After about ten minutes of silence you start talking. "Uh.. Thanks for what you did in there." you say "uh... Yeah your welcome." he says back. You look up at the stars. Aren't they beautiful?" you ask. "Come with me. I know the perfect place to look at the stars. Niall took you to a little bridge and you two sat down. "Isn't the view beautiful?" you say. "Yeah it is" he says you turn your head and see he was looking at you and smile. You look at your watch "I have to go cause I have to get up early to go to work." Niall looked dissapointed. "Let me walk you home" he says. You agree and start walking. When you get to your house you exchange numbers and you go to bed filled with happiness. The next day at work you can't stop thinking about the perfect "date" you had yesterday. When you shift is over you call him to ask him out to dinner. When he picks up he agrees "I'll make reservations and come pick you up at around 7" he says. You get ready. Wat should you wear? Something fancy or not? You decide to go with a cute floral skirt and a pink blouse. When he comes you see he is wearing one of his signatrue red polo's and beige pants. He leads you to his car. After a very silent car trip you finally see the resaurant. You start laughing like a little child. Ofcourse! How could you not have known he was gonna being you to... NANDOS! He steps out and runs to your door to open it. You smile at him and go in. You date lasted three hours and it was perfect! Three hours might seem long for some people but not for you two. You talked about so many things from embarrising moments to puppies :) It was really a night ti remeber!

*********** one year later***********

you and Niall are still really happy together! This is the longest relationship you have ever been in. He invites you to the movies. Right before the movie started Niall ran up to the front. "Hello everyone" Niall said almost shouting. "I'm here tonight with a really special lady. "Her name is y/n, and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We have been dating for a year now. Y/N please come here." You stand up and start walking towards him blushing. He just stood there smiling with that charming smile. "This is her my princess" he continues getting down on one knee. You see his hand go to his pocket. "Y/N you make me feel so happy and thats why I wanted to ask you... Will you marry me?" you smiled and noded your head your eyes tearing up. He puts the ring on your finger stands up and hugs you. Awwwww you hear from everyone in the theater. You go back to your chairs and watched the movie.


what did you guys think? Please give feedback and let me know for request.

If you want a request please let me know your name, what boy and the location. :)

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