13 - Pizza Boy

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Mia P.O.V.

We have been dating for less than 48 hours and he has a girlfriend? What that tells me is that I am his side chick. Unbelievable. Who knew that cops were such ass holes these days. At the moment I was laying down on my bed with my iPhone next to me. I was waiting for candy crush to give me more lives since I'm completely out of it.

It was about 5 p.m. and I haven't got a call from Chris or anyone. It was like nothing happened. He probably doesn't care and he is with her. I have to go to work in about 30 minutes. Is he going to be there tonight? Hope not.

Im not in the mood of talking to him about the whole situation. I slowly got out of bed,stretching my limbs. Tonight I decided to put on black skinny jeans that went above my waist to the top of my belly button. And a white t shirt, gently tucked into my jeans. Now the only thing I need is curly brown hair and a microphone. I would totally look like Harry Styles.

For my make up I applied some concealer under my eyes and nose, light purple eye shadow with a little bit glitter and some mascara. I think this is all.

I walked towards my car and drove towards my work. Tonight it was a little bit chilly outside and I knew that I should have brought my jacket. I pulled up at the back parking lot and walked out. There was a couple outside flirting and by what it looked like the guy was a real fuck boy. And to me what it looked like the girl was just trying to hide her laughter and the guy was trying way to hard.

"Have you found your true love girl?" he asked leaning against a rusty garbage can that smelled like shit in my opinion.

The girl raised her eyebrow at him, "Or should I walk by again?" he asked with a smug smile. I snorted and the girl look at me. She gave me the face did-you-just-hear-what-this-idiot-just-said and we both laughed at him.

"Matt, fuck off." she said pushing him away and walking past him. He quickly turned around and walked after her like a lost puppy, "Baby come on." he yelled.

I shook my head from laughter and walked inside. The music pumped loudly making my insights jump up and down. I'm guessing tonight is a full house.


As I was cleaning the counter with a wet rag, I felt someone stare at me. I looked up and saw Andre with his brown hair hanging over his eyebrows. He was wearing dark jeans and a green t-shirt that made  his muscles pop out.

"May I get you something?" I asked, raising my eyebrow at him.

He smiled and looked down and back up again, "Yeah, um can I get a drink called 'talk to my best friend because he's being a pussy'?"

Chris is scared of facing me? Is this what is actually going on?

"Sorry," I said, putting the rag away, "but we don't serve that here."

"Maybe you should, it's a very sweet, depressing drink."

I shook my head at him, "If he wants to talk, he comes to me. It's his fault."

"He wants to give you some space and explain everything to you. But he's afraid of how you might act. He's just sitting at home playing video games." he mumbled, I barely catched all of the words.

"Sounds like fun."

"Is that sarcasm?" Andre asked.

"Nope, I remembered I used to play video games. They're actually kind of fun."

"They are, but he's murdering everyone in it. Hopefully it will make him feel better."

I chuckled, "I am not going to his house. I have work and other things to take care of."

"I see." He nodded his head.

"What are you doing here all the time anyways? You are here almost every day."

"Just trying to find a girlfriend."

I laughed at him, "Andre this is a bar slash a club. The only girls you would find here are the ones who want to get into your pants. No strings attached."

"But many people I know have met in the bar. " he argued crunching his eyebrows.

"True. But they wont last long. My moms friend met her husband at a club and they divorced 6 years later. If you want a real girlfriend I would go to the library, gym, maybe there's a girl at your work and you haven't opened your eyes yet."
Andre looked in a big thought. Thinking about the options that I gave him.

"Why do you want a girlfriend anyways?" I asked.

"I just want to settle down you know. Most guys my age are already engaged or start going into a long relationship. I'm tired of hooking up, I want some feelings attached and to someone actually stay in my bed the next morning. "

"Chris is still at your stage. What are you talking about?"

He snorted, "yeah right, Chris is with you-"

I cut him off," he isn't with me. Im pretty sure we're done from what happened last night."

"You don't understand Mia. Do you know how crazy he is about you? How long he has been watching you? How long he wanted to ask you out or make you notice him? The only reason he came into this shitty club is because of YOU."

I was completely shocked on what he just told me,"oh yeah? What about all those girls he took home every night? That sure got my fucking attention." he is just brain washing me right now. he just wants me to look guilty because of what I have done. Guys are always making girls feel wrong, like its our fault.When in fact it is not.

"Those girls?" He laughed, "he never slept with them! They were all worked for the gang and he would just use his charm to get some information out of them."

I was in shock for the second time. Did he really do that? Or is this another one of his pathetic ways to actually let me and go see him. Because the answer is no.

"Im still not going to see him."

He shrugged, "whatever you say Mia. Its your life. Do whatever you want. I will go back home and maybe tomorrow go to the library and see if your plan would work."

I smiled," trust me it will."

~ Next wonderful evening ~

I worked so hard last night and the place got really busy the second Andre left. My feet were killing me by the time I got home. My hair ends were tangled and I was needing a hot shower. By the time I got home this morning I was too lazy to take one so I just passed out in my bed. The comforter was cold and it smelled like my body spray.

I just woke up and looked at the clock 8:45 p.m. I practically slept through out the entire day. What the hell am I supposed to do now.

My stomach grumbled.

Maybe I should order some pizza, because that sounds like an amazing idea. I jumped on my computer and ordered a BBQ chicken pizza with some side ranch. Yes I'm that type of a person. It will take about 45 minutes for the pizza arrive so I decided to hop in the shower and wash my hair.

When I got out I had about 10 minutes left before the pizza supposed to have arrived, so I walked towards the kitchen and decided to take out some coke. What's the point to drink water to stay healthy where you can just go all the way.

The door bell ringed and I quickly walked over to the door. Damn I can smell the pizza already. When I opened the door I refrained my jaw from dropping on the floor. My eyes went wide and I felt my heart accelerate.

There he was standing in all his glory with my pizza box in his right hand and red wine in the other.

Christopher De fucking Rega.

Damn a month has passed since I have updated this story. I had a lot of you GURLS asking me to update and I guess here you go. I didn't write this chapter over night, it was just little by little once in a while. I didn't feel like writing and I always had homework or I was too busy reading someone elses story.  So here you go :) Hopefully next chapter will be up soon.



<3 Annie.

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