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Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Mycroft joined the chatroom 

Sherlock- Mycroft? What on earth are you doing here?!

Mycroft- Just observing you little brother. Ever since you 'died' you have been very..... fragile.

Sherlock- Just because you helped me escape, doesn't mean that you can have one up on me.

Mycroft- Mummy always cared about you little brother. Shame I wasn't the little one. Mother would be all over me. NOT YOU.

Sherlock- Jealous are we? 

Mycroft- Why....?! I am coming over tommorow. Be prepared. 

Sherlock- Avoiding the question again Mycroft? And I will have some games ready for you. And probably some apples and grapes. 

Mycroft- Just because I am on a diet, doesn't mean you have to smother me in fruit. I can make it up with some running.

Sherlock- How's the diet?

Mycroft- Fine....

Sherlock- I will order a chinease then. You can always tell if they're good by examining the bottom left of the door handle. 


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