You're in a Justin Bieber video and he's jealous

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Liam: "Will you please sit down Liam? It's about to come on!" you said, sitting on your couch, waiting to watch the new Justin Bieber video

that you'd acted in. "You said that he dances with you and kisses you in it" Liam groaned. "I can't watch that. I'll get too sad" he said.

"Sad?" you questioned. "I hate to be a jealous boyfriend, I just like to think that I'm the only guy who gets to hold you and kiss you, love" he

said sweetly. "You are Liam! This was just a job! And you know that I texted you the entire time, complaining about how I wanted to get

home to you when we were shooting it!" you giggled. "I guess" he sighed sitting down next to you. You wrapped your arms around him and

gently kissed his cheek saying, "I love you Liam"

Niall: "Wait, so you get to meet him? And dance with him! For a week!?" Niall exclaimed. "Yeah, plus we're hanging out tonight to build

some 'chemistry' for the video so it seems more believable!" you added. "Wait like a date with him?" Niall asked, his smile fading. "No just

like so that the first time we meet isn't minutes before we're acting in love!" you said. "Oh my god. My girlfriend gets to go on a date with

Justin Bieber!! You're so lucky!!" Niall squeeled. "Uh Niall?" you laughed. "Oh I mean, don't forget about me while you're out okay

princess? I love you more than he ever could!" Niall said, blushing.

Louis: "But I just got home! Do you have to fly to Italy tomorrow babe? Especially for that little Bieber kid?" Louis said. "Lou, this is the

biggest role I've ever had!" you said back to him. "It's only three days, if you're so upset you could come to Italy too" you said. "Really,

okay!" Louis smiled. He ended up watching you shoot the whole thing, and he made sure to take you on romantic excursions every

evening while you were there.

Zayn: "But did he have to kiss you?" Zayn pouted. You played the love interest in Justin Bieber's latest video, and Zayn was insanely

jealous. "Zayn, it was just acting! It was all for the video!" you replied, taking his hands. ".....was he a better kisser than me...?" he asked

sheepishly. "You're joking right?" you asked, kissing him passionately. "Not even close" you mumbled into his lips and he smiled.

Harry: "He didn't take his eyes off of you the entire video" Harry complained. "I was playing his love interest! That was sort of the point,

Haz!" you giggled at him, secretly loving how jealous he was getting about the fact that you'd been in a Justin Bieber music video. "Did he

flirt with you after shooting?" Harry asked. "Well....he gave me his number..." you replied sheepishly. Harry's face dropped even more. "But

then I gave it back to him and told him that I already had a wonderful, talented, sexy boyfriend that I was crazy about" you said, kissing him

gently which put him in a much better mood.

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