Maybe This Will Work

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Juliet, One Year Later

"Niall James Horan! Get your backside down here! We're going to be late!" I yelled. "Boys! Don't make me start using the rest of your middle names!" The twins were standing next to the door holding hands. Their hair had gotten so long over the year and some months they've been here. Darcy's was to her shoulders, and Jr.'s looked like Liams hair when it was straight and long. Sarah watched cartoons and we waited. She was 11 now, and growing up tremendously. She was like a Kardashian now, except for the attitude and stuff. "Guys, come on! It's pouring outside!" Suddenly there was a trampling of feet coming down the stairs. "Geez you guys are slow."

"Beauty takes time, sis." Niall said sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah, let's go." I hurried him. I got Sarah as we all grabbed our coats and ran out to the limo. The boys had an interview today, and the kids and I were going along. Louis decided to dress the twins today, so they were all dressed in overalls and striped shirts. Their hair stood out against the bright clothes. Jet black like mine, against red and white.

On our way to the studio, I looked at everything we were passing go in a blur. People in all different colors; signs from different shops. As much as I tried not to, I flashed back to the moments Harry and I had. At our happiest, then to right before his accident.

"Jewels? You okay?" Niall whispered to me.

I nodded. He looked like he didn't quite believe me, but didn't push the issue.

We pulled up to the studio and the boys rushed out to keep from getting wet from the down pour. I got out and made the kids all got out okay. Sarah walked beside me and the twins walked in front os us, hand in hand. Do twins do that a lot?

Anyways. The boys were led off to hair and make up, not that they really needed it. I mean, come on, they were gorgeous already. The kids and I were seated on a couch off to the side of the stage, so we could watch, but not be seen by the audience. As the show started, the boys lined up next to me, ready to go. As they stood there, Harry put his hand on my shoulder. I put my hand on his, remembering what we used to have, but everything he didn't remember. As they walked off, the heat lingered for a few moments, and.....gone.

The show started, and it was going great.

"So, Harry," the lady started, "correct me if I'm wrong, but over the past year, you've been trying to recover the memories you lost after the crash."

"Uh, yeah. Sounds right." he said skeptically.

What is this lady doing?

"I mean, I remember a lot of things. Some more than others. I don't have everything, but I'm working on it." he continued.

"Well, would any of these help you remember?' she said.

Pictures of my relationship appeared on a large TV. The beginning all the way up to our official break up. Him with Caroline, me on my way to an airport...everything.

Harry looked over at me.


Her eyes were filled with tears; cheeks almost as red as her lipstick. She gathered the kids and rushed off. I looked back at the pictures, then looked back to the couch....but she was gone.

And I didn't follow her. None of us did. We couldn't just get up and leave.

"Do you know anything about their relationship?" Niall asked, come anger in his voice.

"Well, it was tumultuous and--"

"So no. Leave the subject alone. Come on, guys. Let's go." Niall got up and walked off without another word.

Hm, I guess we could get up and leave. 

We grabbed our coats and went outside to find a new car waiting for us. 

Then...where did Juliet and the kids go? Probably home...

The boys and I piled in and we went back to our house. We hung up our jackets, and gathered around in the living room after grabbing some sodas.

"Okay, I'm completely lost. Juliet and I dated?" I asked.

"Yeah, off and on for a bit. Mostly on." Niall said.

"Wait...WAIT! Are those my kids?!!?"

"No! Look. You and her dated. There was a lot of shit that went down that could've ruined you two, but you guys worked on it. You took those kids in as your own. It just didn't work out."

"Look, you have to go to Juliet about this. She's the only one who can tell you and have it make a full impact." Liam said.

I nodded. I sat for bit, then got up. I  grabbed my wallet, keys and jacket and left. I drove pretty quick, but I needed to know what happened.

Maybe being told will work. Maybe that will make me remember.

I pulled up in her driveway. She saw me. Stared at me through her window. Once she turned away, I got out of my car and went to the door. She opened it before I could even knock.

"What are you--" she started. But I cut her off.

"I need to know what happened with us. I need to know everything I can't remember."

I looked straight into her eyes, and....they looked like they were filled with fear. When she spoke, her voice was small, like a scared child. "Harry...are...are you sure--"

"Yes. Juliet, please. I need to know."

"Okay." She moved from the doorway and I went to sit on the couch. She came a few seconds later with a photo album in her hands. She opened it to the first page, and started.

" Maika. He's my ex boyfriend, and the twins' father. He's currently in jail for abusing and raping me. When you found out....Oh geez, you were mad. The day I found out I was pregnant, he broke with me, then came back trying to make things okay. I told him no, knowing I didn't want my kid to be growing up with him. He punched me, you punched him. Then...I fell asleep on you."

She went on about the appointments I went to with her, the tour, our problems, Caroline, our breaking up and getting back together. The leavings, and the final break up.

"Boy, we really had....and interesting relationship." I said, trying to take it in.

"I guess you could call it that." she said.

"So....who are the boys dating?"

"Louis is with Eleanor, Liam and Danielle, Zayn and Perrie, then Niall is with a girl named Ella. She's also a teen mom. She has a son named Xavier."

"Wow. Good support system there, right?"

"Definitely. I mean, I can always go to her. She's like an older sister."

A glint of light caught my attention. I found it was coming from her hand.

"What is that? On your hand?"

She tucked it away. "Nothing. It's nothing."

"Jewels..." I grabbed her hand, and...

It was a ring.

"What is this?" I asked.

"A...a ring." she said meekly.

"What kind...?"

"An...e-engagement ring. Taylor and I...we're getting married. He came back briefly a few days ago, proposed and left again. I wasn't going to tell you guys yet. I was trying to plan it, and..."

I zoned out.

Engaged? She's 17!

And emancipated.


But-- no. There's nothing we can do.

I knew Juliet was important. Was it that I was still in love with her? I don't know... It just doesn't feel like it should be. Like I don't love her as I used to, I guess.  Just...


Nothing worked.... It didn't work.

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