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We decided to head back hand in hand just talking about our future that we wish included each other. "So does it hurt...when you change?" The words felt awkward coming out of my mouth. He pulled me to a stop and looked in my eyes sincerely,"No words can describe the pain, it is unbearable. You can feel it over coming your body, tearing your skin to replace with a coat of fur. I would never wish this pain upon any one even, not even if it was a person I strongly hate. No one should have to deal with it. That's why it's more of a curse than a gift." His words sent shivers down my spine. "Well at least you can hear far away, see in great detail, and let's not mention those sexy muscles you got there," I said as I playfully punched his arm. We continued walking and entered through the back door to his house. I was surprised that sky wasn't home. I looked all over because I did feel bad for yelling at her earlier I guess I just cared so much that I needed to know.
I looked at the clock hanging on the wall, it read 1:00 PM. I figured me and Kahleb's deep conversation took over 2 hours. I jumped feeling my heart beat pound in my chest once I heard a scream from the basement. I turned to start running for the door when I smacked into a body. I looked up to see an unfamiliar face staring down on me almost a whole head taller. His body frame was stunning and well built. His eyes were an eerie hazel. I took several steps back "Who the hell are you?" I asked looking for something sharp on the counters. "The name's Derek," he said with a smile that exposed his sharp k nine like teeth. I was too busy staring at his teeth before I realized he had his hand out to greet me. "Well excuse me, Derek," I said emphasizing his name, then continued "But I need to get to the basement so if you would be so kind and move." I took a step to my right ready to walk when he grabbed my shoulder. "You might not want to go down there," he said staring at me with with one eyebrow arched. Something about him made me feel like already knew him and his face was so familiar with sharp features but I just couldn't place a name. "What do you mean? My friend needs me! Back off prick!" I was starting to get angry. Derek put his hands up in surrender "Fine. Suite yourself." I ran down the stairs to find Sky on the ground rolling in pain. I quickly rushed to her side. "Sky! Are you okay?" "Lake, get out of here," she growled. It was a low animal like growl only 10 times stronger. She opened her mouth to scream again and I realized her teeth were set in the same form as Derek's. Drops of sweat ran down her forehead as she shook in pain. "Lake get the hell out here before I change!" She snarled, this time getting in a crouching position. I got up quickly running up the stairs. I looked down to see her one last time. She drew in a breath and than she opened her eyes. They were practically black. I slammed the door behind me hearing crashing noises and scratches against the wall. "Damn," I said out loud. Derek was now laying on the couch. "I hate to say it Lake... but I told you so," he said staring at me with a cocky smile. "Does is look like I give 2 shits?" I shot back. He stood up and in an instant he was right in front of me with one of his hands on the low part of my back and the other my face. "Well...I bet you just shit right now," Derek said laughing hysterically. "Ha-Ha very funny. How do you know my name anyway?" I said grabbing his hands from both my back and my face putting distance between us. Sure he was charming, but Kahleb could win me over any day. Wait, speaking of Kahleb, where the hell is he. As if Derek read my thought he smirked and said,"Since your so worried, Kahleb probably left because I don't smell him here but I can smell him on you." How did this random guy know Kahleb? What was he even doing here? "Okay... how do you know so much? How do you know my name? What are you doing here? And are you what I think you are?" I said wanting to get the point of him being here. "Slow down with the questions, what do I look like Google?" He said flashing another one of his handsome smiles. No it wasn't handsome... how can I even say that I don't even know this guy. Wow. But he is pretty cute, I'll give him credit for that. "Answer the damn questions!" I said obviously irritated by his immaturity. "Okay,fine, damn calm down! I know your name because Kahleb always talks about you like your some angel which isn't true because you cuss more than a sailor but he sure wasn't lying when he said you were beautiful. Oh and if you didn't know I'm Kahleb's brother." No wonder he looked familiar! Kahleb never mentioned he had a brother, or wolf brother how ever you put it. He looked older than Kahleb but still had the same charm. Deep features, perfect dimples, jaw structure, and the format of their body. "How old are you?" I asked instinctively. "Old enough to date a model like you babe," he said licking his lips. "Nice try Derek, but me and Kahleb are already official," I stated while glaring. His eyes were now a very light brown with specks of green that you could see from miles away. They were unique and mysterious always making me become under a spell. For several seconds we stared at each other seeing who would look away first. Of course I was intimidated by him, he's a fucking wolf but I showed no signs of weakness. I broke off the silence "Where is he?" Derek snapped out of his daze and ran his fingers through his hair just like Kahleb. "Um i don't know. He's been changing a lot though lately." I got up quickly, I had to find him. "Well I need to look for him. Uh yeah bye." I said opening the back door where me and Kahleb entered. I turned to shut the door when I felt a wet sensation around my summer pedicured toes. I looked to see that I was standing in a puddle of blood. I screamed as it trailed to across the front yard. My stomach dropped to the sight of an extremely large beautiful grey wolf with a blood stained muzzle. My scream gathered its attention making us lock eye contact. The wolfs eyes were ocean blue. I had its full attention now. Derek opened the door behind me and I turned around speechless. He looked past me and said "Oh, there you are brother."

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