Chapter Nine

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Chapter Nine

Take Me to Church by Hozier

Shiloh's POV

The ear pounding screams of Anna jolt me out of bed, “Its okay, its okay.” Gabe pulls me back in the bed and I sigh “Gabe I have to get her.”  He kisses my forehead shushing me, “I got her, you rest.”  “Gabe.”  I try to get up but he pushes me on the bed gently “No, now go back to sleep don’t get back up until in the morning or if you have to pee unless you want me to spank you.”  A rush of arousal flows through me and I gasp whimpering quietly at the thought. He smirks ruffilinng my hair like im some kid before going too get Anna.  I close my eyes as she stops crying and fall back asleep in seconds.

“Shh Anna don’t wake him.”  “bababbabbab.” Slobber lands on my cheek and I wince as she smacks my face. “Uhh Gabe.” I wipe my cheek opening my eyes. Anna squeals loudly pressing her forehead against mine before dropping her body on my chest. I look at Gabe who just grins, “She’s been up I couldn’t get her back to sleep.”  My stomach grumbles scaring Anna who bursts into tears.  Gabe laughs picking her up, “Come on baby Anna, let’s get some food for mommy.”  I get up and go to the bathroom taking a quick shower and then I get dressed sliding on one of Gabe’s sweaters and a pair of slippers.  I walk into the kitchen were Gabe was cooking something that smells really good. Anna kicking in her chair, “Gabe, is Anna more wolf than pixie?” I ask sitting down.

  “Of course she is, the wolf gene is dominant and the Pixie gene is recessive.”  “So the chances of us having a child that’s a pixie is low.” Gabe sets a plate of bacon and eggs in front of me “I’m sorry but yeah.”  I shrug eating quickly, I wash my plate. “Did you feed Anna already?” I ask “Yup, I’m a good dad.” He pouts I peck him on the lips “I know you are I’m just asking.”

 I grab Anna from her chair and put her in the play pin in the living room.  Gabe and I settle on the couch watching TV.  He throws a small blanket over us. Rubbing my bare legs he starts kissing my neck. “No, stop.” I giggle “Mmm why?”  He asks his hand trailing over my thigh “Anna's right there.” “She isn’t paying attention to us.” “Gabe no.” I laugh as he puts his hangs on my waist tickling me. “Eeeee!!” I squeal pushing his hands away he laughs pulling away.

 “Hey, come here often?” he asks looking at me with a heated look in his eyes. “Hahah stop what kind of drugs did you take.” I ask blushing and laying back on the carpet.  “My drug is right here.” He growls “Remember what we did on this carpet?” His eyes flash golden as he thinks about our first time together.  “No, maybe later tonight you can refresh the memory what do you think about that?” I ask nuzzling my nose against his.

“Oh I'll refresh the memory all right.”

The End


Really short I feel terrible Epilogue next Like literally right down there..






“Gabe where are we going?” I ask putting my hands out in front of me.  “It’s a surprise.”  “Was it nessacery to blind fold me though?” I ask “Yes, were here now shush.”  Gabe moves away from me and a shuffiling sound is heard.  “Okay now take the blind fold off.” I rip the stupid thing off my eyes “Wow.” I whisper looking at the waterfall a calm feeling overcoming me.  I look at Gabe whos down on one knee.  “Marry me?” He asks I squeal takaling him on the ground, “Yeass, YESSSS!” I yell He laughs sliding the ring on my finger, “I love you so much oh my god.” I kiss him over and over again. In the end we got married with our three children as witnesses along with Nix and Aiden and their mates. It was perfect and I couldn’t ask for anything more, I love Gabriel and I'll always be His Little Pixie.

~Cries~ because im gonna miss this story!!!! 

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