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"Cay, if you don't get yo ass on somewhere. " Chase says while grabbing my hips and pressing his dick print further into my ass.

"Whatchu' gonna do?" I taunt.

"Imma' tell yo dude, that's what imma' do. " I stop dancing and turn to this fool then bust out laughing.

This dude seriously rap a weak game. If you wanna take a girl home you don't mention her dude, ever. But in my case you don't make up some non-existent ass boyfriend just to be funny. That's a turnoff.

"Chase you know me about as good as you should. Which means you know how I work. You ain't funny and we ain't fuckin'. " Rolling my eyes I turn away and start weaving through the people in the turnt club.

Once I found the man I was looking for I take a seat next to him and whoever he was tryna' bring home tonight. When he sees my face though, he gives me his full undivided attention, making me huff and roll my eyes again. Here we go.

"Don't roll yo eyes at me. Wassup?" I roll my eyes again for inferences and look at the chick he was with. She's no better than me, we're the same. "Aye roll out, shawty. "

"Don't make her leave with yo rude ass." Tyrese mugs me before turning back to the girl expectantly. When she gets up and leaves he turns back to me. "Now wassup?"

"Smch, nothing damn. " My face is grabbed and my lips are puckered like a giant blowfish as my face is gripped tightly with his two fingers pushing into my cheeks. "Ary dim. "

"What?" He let's go of my face.

"I said aight, damn. " I roll my eyes but before he can grab my face again I start talking. "You know Chase, right?"

"Yea. "That single simple answer let me know he knew him but ain't like him.

"Okay. So we was dancing and my booty was all up on his shit then he gonna go say he gonna tell my dude if I ain't get on. "

"And you mad why?"

"Cause he know I don't got no dude. I never have a dude. " Ty looks at me like he's waiting for more and I slouch a bit in my seat. "Because he was sexy as hell and I wanted to fuck him, shit. "

"There we go. " He laughs. "Well you still got me. " I scrunch my face up and look him dead in his dull brown eyes.

"Boy you washed up and dusty. I don't want yo ass. " He mugs me again and I start laughing. "Ion know why you muggin' me, you know it's true. "

"Shut yo beady headed ass up. " Slapping his arm I start laughing why'll slickly feeling the back of my head to check for beads.

"Boy there ain't no typa' beads over here, fawk you mean. "

"Why you had to check?" I bust out laughing and stand up from the table.

"Shut the fuck up, I'm bouta' go dance. Find your girl. "

"No need. " Already walking up once she saw me get up was the chick from before.

That's what we do. We leave when we're dismissed and come back if the air is good. We know when we dealing with a baby momma or ex, and we know when to get out. When the dick just ain't worth the drama - at least the good ones do.

"But she ain't my girl. " Even in hearing that the chick sat down quietly with a smile on her face and her titties popping out of her dress more than before.

Get his attention back the second chance you get, cause it will be your last.

"Whateva'. " I walk away, my hips swaying naturally with me and drawing all types of attention. Wanted attention.

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