Chapter 11

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Now one's POV:

Izuku: "Grrrhhhraaa!"

Angela: "It's going to be okay Izuku"

Angela is trying her best to stop the bleeding on his missing left hand

Angela: "How much longer?!"

Pilot: "We're here!"

The pilot landed the aircraft. The hatch opened then Angela and some agents rushed him to the surgery room. Hana and 2b followed with tears in her eyes. Agents cleared the way for Angela and the others. Izuku's blood was dripping on the floor on the way. They arrived at medical bay. Angela began to try and lessen the pain on Izuku's missing hand.

Angela: "Get the him ready for surgery. We have to stop the bleeding"

The nurses began to prepare everything. Hana and 2b were watching from the door crying and worried for the fiance. Izuku was put in anesthesia and rushed to surgery. Hana and 2b tried to follow but they force to stay back and let Angela and the other doctors opperate.

Two days pass since the whole event. Izuku was out of surgery and was resting. Back in Japan everybody saw what happened live leaving some traumatize. Kids had nightmares about what happened. Katsuki and Shoto were arrested and put in a cell. Nezu was considering expelling them both from UA. Izumi, Katsumi, and Shoka were a mess the entire time. There really worried for Izuku. They wanted to go see him but Overwatch is not letting them visit. The Japanese government were deciding if they should send Katsuki and Shoto to life in prison or something else. School has been cancelled for a while until everything is sorted out. Hana and 2b have also been a mess since everything. They've been crying the whole time to the point Hana had to be rehydrated. Since he's gotten out of surgery they have been at his bed side the whole time. They didn't leave not even to eat. Other agents brought them food. Now Izuku is laying in bed.

Angela: "Hana 2b"

Hana/2b: "..."

Angela: "You two go get some rest. I'll watch over him"

Hana/2b: "..."

Angela had a worried look until she touched Hana. She heard her snore and 2b also. Angela had agents to take them to there room.

Lana: "He's still not awake?"

Angela: "No"

Lana bawled her fist

Lana: "What were those idiots thinking?"

Angela: "Lana"

Lana: "What is it love?"

Angela: "Why did you not visit Emily? I know it couldn't be because of work since she always opens time for you"

Lana looks down

Lana: "Well....I did go visit Emily but when I got there I found her kissing another girl on our bed"

Angela: "Oh I'm so sorry"

She hugged her and she hugged back. Lana began to cry and Angela comfort her. After a bit she stopped crying.

Angela: "Feeling better?"

Lana: "*sniff* I bit. Thanks Angy"

Izuku: *groan*

Angela: "Izuku!"

She goes to his side. They both see Izuku slowly opening his eyes. He sees his mother.

Angela: "Izuku"

Izuku: "M..Mom"

Angela: "Oh thank goodness your alright"

Tears began to appear in her eyes. She helped him sit up. He wince a bit.

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