Chapter 66: Cato

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Sawn is nice at least. Her crew not so much, especially to me. I've been sitting on the seat staring out the window because they've been very annoying lately. I know that Clove wouldn't like if I almost killed them but the things they're saying are annoying. So instead I sit with her, holding her tightly, as I try to block them out.

Her crew consists of 3 men, of which their names I don't know, and Sawn. The men are annoying, always commenting about Clove.

"She would make a great wife" Dextris, the brunette man says jokingly "especially in bed" he whispers, but not well enough because Clove can hear. She shutters and leans into me.

"Don't talk about my wife, I will slit your throat in your sleep" I say bitterly, keeping quiet. They smirk at Clove and she looks up at me. She smiles sweetly and I hold her close to me.

"We're almost here" Sawn says, glaring at her crew. I smile down at Clove and we stand up to prepare to land. I grab Clove's hand and pull her out as soon as we land.

"I want to get far away from them" I say bitterly, she laughs and hoist her up, bridal style. I carry her to my house and my mom opens the door.

"Is she okay?" she asks urgently and I laugh. I set her down on couch and my mom just looks over at us confused. Clove sits up and grabs my waist.

"We have some amazing, heart-breaking news" Clove says excitedly, "We're officially married!" she yells happily. My mom grabs her and they hug tightly.

"Alodia!" I yell upstairs. My little sister comes running down and hops into my arms. She jumps to Clove and Clove kisses her cheek sweetly.

"We're married!" Clove says happily and Alodia laughs uncontrollably. "Are you happy for us?" Clove asks smiling wildly.

"Am I going to be an aunt?" Alodia asks, like a grown-up. Clove blushes lightly then nods shyly. I hold Clove tightly to me and she sits on my lap in the living room. I place my hands gently onto her legs and my mom smiles awkwardly.

"You guys did, you know, already?" my mom asks and I glare at her carefully. Clove looks back at me and laughs. She nods and my mom smiles, almost expectantly.

"We just stopped by to tell you, and please stay safe" I say firmly. My mom nods and Alodia rolls her eyes. Both my dad and Clove's are peace-keepers. Unlike Clove's how ever, my dad chose family over job, so he stayed in the Center Rock. 

"Okay let's get going" I say holding Clove close to me as I sit up. We head out the door and back to the convenient hover-craft in the woods. I get in and Clove returns to sitting on my lap, comfortably and warm.

"I'm telling you!" the blonde haired man from earlier says loudly "She'd be great in bed, I hear she's had training" he says smirking at Clove. She shutters visibly and I glare at the men and they laugh.

"I have asked you nicely, now I'm going to kill you" I say and I lunge at the guy on the far right. I tackle him and throw him on the ground, as violently as I can. He gasps for breath as I grab his throat. I shake him, like Dagger would with a toy. I press my thumb into his throat and see him start to fade.

"Cato! You're killing him!" Clove yells, almost crying. I look up at her and people are just gasping and gawking at me. Someone pulls me off of the now limp body, and Clove pulls me into a hug. I feel her warm tears soaking my shirt.

"Please don't do that" she says weakly. I look down at her and she stifles a few more tears. I hold her tight and luckily the man revives himself.

"That was disturbing, but thank you" Sawn says glaring down at the limp man. I laugh lightly and hold Clove close. When we land I rush to get to our room.

"Clove, I'm so sorry" I say sadly. She smiles weakly and I try to for a laugh. "I was getting annoyed, you seemed to be a little distressed, when they were talking about being good in bed" I say annoyed, but still trying to stay calm. She smiles gratefully and pulls me to the bed.

"I love you Cato" she says smiling. She kisses my cheeks and holds me close. "I'm sorry I dragged you into this" she say sadly.

"For what?" I ask defensively. She looks away but I pull her to face me. She sighs loudly and holds my hand softly.

"I dragged you through hell and back, I'm nothing but trouble and I'm sorry" she says almost in tears again. I shake my head sadly and bring her close for a kiss.

"Maybe I like trouble" I say calmly "I love you too much to just let you go, even if you're a lot of work" I say playfully. She laughs lightly and curls into my chest. I heave a heavy sigh and we fall asleep together.

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