Chapter 2

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"Promise me that nothing will change between us," said Harry. His gaze reflected despair, perhaps fear.

"I promise, of course ... Now, how do we do it?"

"We spit our hands and put our palms together? Saliva covenant!"

Louis rolled his eyes, Harry was an idiot sometimes. "No, stupid, I wasn't talking about that. How do we do ... the other thing?"

"Oh ... I don't know ... You ... or me?"

"I should... I mean, I'm five months older." Louis cut himself off instantly.

"So? I'm taller" Harry crossed his arms and then huffed, rubbing his face. "We are pathetic, Louis"

"I know, but if we continue like this, we will die virgins. I don't want that ... or worse, being with a girl and making a fool for not knowing what to do. Also, Liam already did"

"Yes, but with Zayn. They are boyfriends, they like each other ... We don't like each other!" He looked at Louis with narrowed eyes. "We don't like each other, do we?"

"Pff. No." Louis denied, looking scared.

Harry gestured with relief. "Rock, paper, or scissors?"

Louis nodded instantly. He is good at it. "Ok"

They were both 16 years old, and wanted to lose their virginity. They never had girlfriends, they had just given their first kiss not too long ago. Liam, their best friend, was 17 and had already had sex with his boyfriend Zayn, two years younger than him and they didn't want to be less. Since they weren't very popular with girls, and being somewhat 'shy' they had the great idea of losing their virginity together.

It was Friday night, and they were at Harry's house. They have been neighbors for life and always stay at each other's houses, so it is not unusual for them to be there together at night. They made a kind of 'formal document' - a sheet - where they wrote the rules of that pact. It needed to be done to make it clear under what conditions they were doing it, and of course they both had to sign it.

We promise:
• Do not stop being friends for anything in the world
• Don't say ANYTHING to ANYONE.
• We will not kiss.
• It will be only once each.
• We will always be straight.

X Louis
X Harry

After signing it, they both sat on the bed. Louis had his eyes on the floor as he played with the laces of his shoes that had been untied. Harry was with his knees pressed to his chest, pressing them closer to him, while biting his lips hard ... he had lost.

Louis noticed his nervousness and turned around, looking straight at him. "It doesn't have to be today. We can wait," he said, scratching the back of his neck.

"No!" Harry shouted. Then he realised the scare Louis had leaped into place, and spoke more calmly. "It has to be today ... my parents will come late from that party. We have to take advantage of the fact that we are alone. It must be today ... it must be now."

"But you don't want..."

"Yes, I want. Well, no, but yes. Ugh." He brought his hands to his face, rubbing them. His whole body was shaking. "You took a shower right!?" He asked threateningly.

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