~20~ a delicious languor

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I gasp as his luscious lips plummet onto mine. Time’s stood still. We’re both frozen in this sumptuous moment.

His mouth tastes divine — he’s been eating strawberries or cherries, I can’t quite place it… 

My insides turn into mush — I can’t believe I’m even functioning now. A rapid trail of fireworks are fizzing inside me. Without me even knowing it, my fingers bury themselves in his silky hair, drawing him closer. You’re certainly not escaping from me, Armand. I doubt he’s even thinking about escaping at this present moment… He moans into my mouth as I nip at his plump bottom lip. I can feel his gentle hands dancing along my back, relieving my tension. I’m as fluid as satin in his arms.

I allow his tongue to slip into my mouth. It’s as soft as a feather. Our tongues playfully brush against each other. I have to stop myself from giggling…

My skin feels as though it’s on fire. He strokes my neck, memorising the subtle curves. I sigh in protest as he reluctantly edges his lips away from mine. His gaze focuses intently on my collarbone. Those brown eyes slowly drift back to my face, devouring every minute detail about me. A soft smile plays on his lips. Before I can react, he dips his head down and the enticing wetness of his tongue claims the hollow of my clavicle. An electric surge hits me. That’s it — I’m utterly helpless…

I lay in his arms. We kiss until we’re quite literally breathless. My heart seems to pound at a frightening rate as his lips become familiar with my neck and earlobes…

Time seems to pass so quickly when you’re having fun.


We’re silent for a while, trapped in each other’s embrace. There’s a spring shower outside. The rain patters against the window — why does everything, no matter how humdrum, sound so melodious now? 

I’m grinning like a mad-girl. I can’t quite believe it. His lips are buried in my hair. Our fingers are threaded together. When he finally speaks, the delicious languor seems to dissipate…

“Sometimes dreams have to remain a dream, Amelie,” he looks down at me. There’s a deep wistfulness in his eyes. “Do you understand?”

Those three words seem cruel afterwhat’s happened between us. Although, my ears can’t help echoing the way he said my name. Just like the other time when I stole a kiss off him. It sounded so sweet on his lips… 

He wanted me. That was all I needed to hear.

But now, it seems like poison in my ears; Navarro mocks me. How can someone be that heartless?

Well, fvck him. I’m sick of him. Tears prick at my eyes. I scratch at my cheeks in a silly attempt to stop from crying. Why should I give him the satisfaction of knowing I cared about him? 

“You’ll never find your phantom girl,” I spit out.

The b@stard tries to catch my arm, but I roughly shove his hand away. He almost looks pained…

Well, I know it’s all a false act of his. He’s just a fvcking player who likes to fvck around with my emotions.

I step outside his office. My hair’s dishevelled. I’m trying to choke back my sobs. My burning cheek rests against the cool wall.

Then I feel a pair of eyes on me. If it’s him, I’ll scream the place down—

Elena, one of Lucille’s mean girls, gives me a curious look. She takes in my pitiful state and looks at Navarro’s office door thoughtfully. A slow, barely perceptible smile lifts up the corners of her drowning-in-lipgloss mouth.

I glare at her angrily.

She continues to walk down the hall — a skip in her step.

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