Jack left Louis at the living room and went back to you and whispered something, your eyes gone wide open, and you stood up and went to the loving room,

“Hey! (y/n)! Welcome back!” said Louis open his arms and hugged you and tapped your back

“Elly?” you said while Louis hugging you and she’s at his back waving to you “What is she doing here?”

“Woahw?! Relax that’s why I’m here to tell you this?” said Louis

“Is everything alright?” your Mom stood up and look at you

“Aunt (y/last/n)?” said Louis and hugged her

“Oh Louis? Long time no see? How’s your singing career dear?” your mom asked Louis

“Well, It’s very different from being a normal person then transform to famous one?!” raised his shoulder. Then Jack was just looking at Elly madly and holds your back “Come on now (y/n)? Maybe Lou can explain all of this” he whispered into your ear *sighs* “Here we go again?” you said and sit on the sofa rubbing your head.

          After the talking with Louis, your Mom and Dad were going upstairs “Ok? We should go upstairs now and leave you all the rest... Enjoy everything and you’re all welcome here Louis and your girl” said your dad

“Ok Dad...” and kissed him on the cheek and next to your Mom “Good night then” you said and went back to the sofa with Jack at the side, and Louis with Elly in front of you.

“Sooo?” said Jack

“OK! (y/n)? Elly and Me are here to tell you something?” Louis said and you just looked at Louis and Elly “Elly and I were on a relationship already for 2 months... I’d never told you this because or maybe I can disturb you on your studies or you'll be mad at me, that is why we wait for you to come home...” Louis said

“Have you ever lost your mind Lou? You?! WE! All know that Elly what’ve done to you then you’re together? Again? Come on Lou!” you said and slapped your knee

“No... That’s-” said Louis and Elly holds Louis hand and said “That’s why I’m here to tell you that I’ve change? I know what I did to Louis and to you (y/n)? Sorry for everything... Past is past... I don’t want to talk about it anymore ‘coz I hate to hear it... Please? I’m sorry... I promise that I will never gonna do it again... I swear? Give me another chance” Elly said

“*take a deep breath* I’m not the one who makes decisions here... But it’s your choice?” you said

“Ok then?” said Jack

“Maybe we can go now before everything else?” Jack said kindly to you and went to the door

“I hope you’ll understand me (y/n)?” said Louis and hold Elly’s hand left

“Wait?” you said and they stop “Jack? Can you stay for a minute? I just need a companion?”

and Louis looked at Jack and nod “Go comfort her...” and Louis left.

          In your room with Jack,

“Is it ok for you that Louis and Elly got back together?” he asked

“I don’t know?” you said

“Ok... So what’s next? What will you do?” he asked

“I just don’t know Jack? I was supposed to confess my feelings to Lou, but there they go? They’re on? And I can’t do anything about it? I can’t stop Louis anymore... I’m just his Best Friend here... and I don't want to hurt him” you said and Jack saw the album of Louis that he gave you ‘Up All Night – One Direction’ and he put it on a cassette and played the song ‘Stand up’...

“Wow? This one's good?” as he distracts you and doing funny dance in front of you

“What are you doing?” you asked

“Dancingng isn't it obvious?” as he moves his knees and tapping his feet

*laughed* “stop it?” you said

“I will not stop until you smile?” said Jack

“hmmm... stop it?” you said

“Come on? Where’s that smile?” Jack said and you smiled “Good?! Come? Join  me?!” he said and the both of you dance at that night.

          While the two of you are dancing in your room... at your front yard, Louis was just standing there and leaning at his car looking up on your window and he sighs put his keys on his pocket and enter his house.


"Wonder Wall" (The Person you thinking about) ~ Louis Tomlinson ImagineRead this story for FREE!