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Pen Your Pride

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Ally's POV

I woke up at a Saturday morning. YES! I ran to my bathroom and took a shower then after, I dried up and put my black denim shorts and a loose white tank top that says 'Whatever' printed in red with a red bandeau. I put some lipbalm and brushed my wavy brown hair down.

I got in my maroon nike airmax shoes and then put my money and phone in my pocket. I checked myself one last time in the mirror. I look okay.

I ran to see my cute little brother Connor Maze.

When he saw me he ran towards me and hugged me. Awe! He is such a sweet little 3 year old boy.

I can't wait for him to turn into 4.

"Hey my superman!" I told him while kneeling down at his height and hugging him back.

"Good mownin snowflake." He greeted. Everyone in the house calls me snowflake cause long story short.

When I first came out on the hospital a snowflake fell on my nose and believe me or not my mom and dad got a picture of me. 2nd, I like snow. 3rd, the third word I learn to say is snowflake. Not really because I pronounced it like showfwake because I'm only like a year old back then.

I smiled back at him, "Good morning to you too." I said as we stood up straight and by that, mom and dad came out from the kitchen.

Mom, Dad and Nana Gina smiled at us, "Good morning my darlings."

Nana placed some orange juice with waffles on our plate and of course I'm going to feed my cute little bro. Nana Gina was our Nana ever since I was a year old because someone has to take care of me while both of my parents are at work, right? Right.

"Did you both sleep well babies?" Dad asks while reading some news paper.

"Dad, I'm not a baby anymore! Only Con." I whined as dad laughs and mom giggled. "Okay, fine." He chuckles.

"Our sleep was fine, am I right Con?" I turned to him as he nods "Super fine." He said with his mouth full of waffles as we ate and talk. "There are people in the living room waiting for you."

I furrowed my brows. What people?

"Oh and darling? We are going to the grocery. Please watch Connor for us, okay?"Mom said after we ate.

I nodded as they left. Nana told me to call her if we need anything.

"I wanna watch spiderman." Connor said as we ran upstairs to his room not caring if the people downstairs are waiting cause I'm savage as fuck, kidding.

I put the DVD of Spiderman in, turning it on so it would play.

"Babe I'll just have to go down it'll take long, are you sure you're gonna be okay alone?" I asked him "Snowflake! I'm not a kid anymore now go." He said concentrated on the movie as I giggled "Alright have fun, just call Nana if you need anything. I'll have to take care of our guests." He nodded, taking his full attention to the movie.

I ran to Nana's room and told her to take care of Con for awhile.

I went downstairs to see the guests that Mom were talking about.

And then I saw the people I wanted to see right now. The Magcon Boys except for Cameron sitting over by the couch. 

"Oh my goodness, guys!" I yelled in excitement and shock as they came running to me, squishing me in to their hugs. "I missed you, how long has it been? A year?!" My eyes started to water.

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