* Hi guys this is the beginning the Chapter 25: The Future Force Chosen and i hope u like this *

Commander I 's Pov:

I was planning to ask Kiyoko annd Sho to ask Stella and Takihara for the plans , so ..... At the matter of fact we should team up with the BuddyAgent bc the president din't know about the BuddyAgent so i ask my friend haru kaede and i told him what happing to buddypolice and i told him to ask Andre, Barrage and Hoshimi if she is here with us . Because i heard Haru said that she has a strange power that see the future and the past and i hope Tasuku is still safe .

Sho's Pov:

I was with Andre , Barrage , Hoshimi and Kiyoko . So we are going to the basement of the BuddyAgents we lucky that Mister President is not yet knowing about the BuddyAgent . Because Agent Commander II also knows as the friend of our Commander I and if we arrival . I saw Agent Commander II was waiting for us so we go to him and if he look at us he smile and he start to ask us something " Greetings and did u find a clue ? " he said and Hoshimi start to speak bravely just like her old childhood friend Tasuku .

Hoshimi: Our mission is complete easily bc-

* Barrage push her and cut her ask *

Barrage: Because she use her awesome power

Andre: Really 😒

Barrage: What i do again ?

Agent Commander II : I see and who is behind this Disaster Team ?

Hoshimi: Is Kyoya Gean

Agent Commander II : Very good Hoshimi and also all of u .

All: Thank u

Hoshimi's Pov:

After the explain about what i see , I was at my old home it felt like i'm home and my mother told me that i will go to school tomorrow and i was in my room with Buster and i have many homeworks because i was in my cousin's house and my mom get me lots of homeworks because the teacher said to my mom .

So lucky i'm the alot of homeworks and after that i lying down on my bed and i can not clear my mind about what happen to Tasuku what if he was become the member if Disaster force and also become evil.

I hope he is ok and i pray first and it was getting dark outside and i fall asleep and suddenly if i open my eyes i was in space again . And i realize i remember when the this is when the red eye spoke me when i looking for the chosen but i don't know .

" Hello Hoshimi Tsubasa , din't u remember me ? " ( ??? )

" Yes , u the one who talk about finding the chosen but who is ? " ( Hoshimi )

" I give u a clue , he was a good and brave heart just like the sun , who brings the power of light to led them to the right path to there future " ( ??? )

and he flash at me and i wake up and i look at my cloak it was 1:02 pm noon so i get my deck case and looking for the one Agent Commander II given me and i look at the card and i start ti whisper to myself it sames like Buster was falling asleep peacefully and i smile and i go back to sleep .

~Next Day ~

I wake up and i reaper to go back to my old school and i use my buddyskill to get there it was easily to go there and ......... Suddenly i look at my necklace the one Tasuku given me . And i'm starting to remember that time when Tasuku and I when we are childhood and met each other , i was not feel so good when Tasuku is not around i felt sad , worried and alone , i hope he was ok i said to myself and Buster look at me .

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